Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tamsui (Danshui)


I could tell that this place is a really good getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city as soon as we stepped out of the train. Let's take in the scenery: there's Danshui river (the third largest in Taiwan per checking) and a view of the mountain (Mt Guanyin).

According to an article, the sunset here is one of the must-sees but unfortunately it was already dark when we arrived. It took us about 40 mins MRT ride from the city after all. Also, taking in everything here would take exactly a day so I guess we didn't see much of everything when we visited. Oh well...

It's not a night market but again what greets you upon arriving are rows of seafood snacks! Yes, food again! This made me question why we don't sell calamares in the streetsas snacks back in PH! That would be so fun! Lol!

One of the notorious snacks I tried here is the so-called Stinky Tofu. I swear the strong odor just simply turns you off. I'm not eating that. It's Randolph's favorite though. Haha!

We spent a considerable amount of time walking and seeing what this place has got to offer. There are free performances, coffee and souvenir shops and you can just tell that it's a really good place for a relaxing weekend stroll. You can notice old buildings too since the Danshui Old Street is a significant place in Taipei history. 

From here, you can a ferry tour to Fisherman's Wharf (where sunset viewing is best), to the Bali Left Bank and Guandu Pier. We opted for Bali Left Bank which is around 10 mins sailing time.

The place is located at the foot of Mt. Guanyin and known for biking. It is actually the most recommended way to explore the waterfront. Again, unfortunately, most establishments are already closing by the time we arrived. The beach would have been fun too.

The food that caught my interest here is this oyster omelette in one of the restaurants. I ordered one for brekky the next day. Haha!

The part we enjoyed the most was tasting the different fruits Taipei has got to offer. They have sweet mangoes and makopa (wax apple) - something I hadn't eaten in a loooooooooong time! 

It was a night of endless walking with barely seeing anything, lol. Plus the travel time all the way to the North coast took its toll on us. We were all really knackered by the time we reach home but still made time for some wacky shots while waiting for each other's turn on the foot massager/ eating the fruits we bought at the living room. Lol!

Tomorrow offers another itinerary-less day for us. Lol! Next!

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