Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Taipei Day 2a: Ximending


Our Day 2 began with the quest for the best beef noodles. Again, food! Lol! Well, to be fair, our Air BnB apartment didn't offer free brekky so in the morning we had to make do with the leftovers from the last night market's foodtrip - for some it was this famous Hot Star deep fried chicken and for me it was a delicious cheesecake. Their research (again, I'm just being tossed here) says that one restaurant that serves best is somewhere in Ximending - again another popular night market and is labeled as the "Harajuku of Taipei".

The area is bustling with shoppers when we arrived, it was a weekend after all. We're also supposed to meet one of Plok's friend who'd serve as our guide for that day. Unfortunately, he didn't make it in time to help us find this restaurant. Our growling stomachs got the better of us and we settled for this nearest restaurant that serves beef noodles, haha!

Sometime between deciding what to do next and waiting for Plok's friend, Carissa gave the crowd a good show when dragged by this street performer, lol! Girlfriend redeemed herself from an embarrassing scenario the other day when she pressed the emergency button in one of the toilet cubicles of the train station. Hahaha! There were also a lot of other buskers here and I'd have to say I finally found the place I should go to if I decide to quit my corporate life one day. Lol!

Our then current location suggested that we should proceed to our next itinerary to save  time and money. And where is that you may ask? Where everything is toilet-inspired...

We can always argue that we came here for desserts. It is normal. We are not gluttons, lol!  This restaurant is just within the area though we had a hard time locating it. I didn't want the chocolate dessert but it was for sharing and everyone argued that the brown color is the whole point of the IG-pictures! It's superficial I know but that's what mostly everyone comes here for? Right? Lol. I did enjoy their tea though and you can upgrade the container for a urinal one. 0_0

Finally, Plok's friend made it. Someone can now take a photo of us six. Hahaha!!!

And the last group shot in Ximending before we left...

Boys will be boys...XD

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