Sunday, April 12, 2015



Working for a Korean company in the past exposed me to Korean cuisine. And it didn't take a lot of company dinners for me to love their popular dish called samgyeopsal. It's actually grilled meat served with accompaniments like lettuce, kimchi, etc. (A whole set looks like this). You're supposed to wrap the leaf with everything you put on it and eat it. It's very messy for me, hehe. I remember me and my co-workers then would always look forward to these gatherings with the bosses to be able to eat this meal. Hehe.

This recent  post Seoul trip had me one time craving this meal but since I don't know how to cook then I had to make do with what is easy and available. Then came this genius idea to use tuna instead of the beef with some regular home fixture: tomato and kimchi. I like Kimchi but it's become a regular item in my grocery post Osaka trip last year. I don't know why. Lol.

So, here's my simple yummy samgyeopsal. Actually, as I look up the name of the dish now it doesn't sound right to call it "improvised samgyeopsal" as I have captioned in my Insta. Samgyeopsal means the meat. All this time I was thinking it's the whole thing. Silly me.

It's really delicious and healthy and I'm glad that I have this one simple dish to rely on when I'm tired of my oatmeal and smoothies. Lol! But I can feel it you know. I can feel the need to take up culinary classes.This is just a start. Let's not force it but I really feel it happening. Haha! =)
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