Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Taipei Day 1a


All five of us had the same flight to Tao Yuan Int'l airport and arrived around 1 AM. We decided to wait for Wen who came from SG at around 5 AM. Yes, we slept at the airport. Lol! It's very convenient and social media addict-friendly too with its speedy WiFi connection and power stations. :P

We slept some more at the bus that would take us to the city and went to a hawker in the morning for breakfast.

Whenever I travel with friends, I get less cautious and simply depend my life to them seasoned travelers that I already forgot by now in which area was our Airbnb apartment. Haha! To be honest, I didn't bother to know. I should change this habit of mine. Lol! 

We also had to stay outdoors for some more because of the check-in lunchtime condition. Naturally, the social media addicts that are this bunch would often stop while walking when there's an available WiFi connection. Like somewhere in a restaurant here. Hahaha!!!

It was already late when we got ourselves ready for Day 1 itinerary (nothing solid in there, it's more like whatever goes, lol!). So around 1 or 2 PM I think, here's us. With Wen in sleeveless tank notwithstanding the weather. Why? Because she's cool like that. Haha!

On the way to the MRT, we decided that we're ravenously hungry and so we stopped by this restaurant that serves some appetizing dishes. I really like the way their eggs are cooked here.

We were informed that tourists could get a free WiFi access in Taipei so naturally we worked on that (read: top priority in the IT lol!) before we headed to our destination. You just simply have to give your passport info in an information center. I didn't know this when I first came here three years ago.

And so finally we reached our first destination, where else but Taipei 101.

It might be too late to apologize but still sorry as this post is just more like a group photo compilation. It was just too much fun! I've been up this tower before and I simply didn't wanna do it again. The weather wasn't that inviting too. As you know, the view at the top is ruined when it's raining.

Good thing, they decided not to go too. After some wacky shots over this area of the tower, we checked in the mall to what else? But eat some more. Seriously, have you counted the number of times we've eaten by now? Lol!

I really do recommend the strawberry ice cream waffle of Lugo cafe at the basement of Taipei 101. Seriously, look at it! It's so worth the extra calories, lol!

And because I've posted many pictures already, I'll continue with more of our Day 1 trip on the next post. Bye for now. :)

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