Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Open Cockpit Flying


Open cockpit flying anyone? I mean seriously when I booked this activity, I was expecting to ride an aircraft that looks like this - as what they have presented in the picture. It just looks so cool!

But instead, what I got was this view during the flight,

Yes, you are welcome to blurt out all the expletives you can think of at the very sight of that image. Hahaha! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the ultralight aircraft. In aviation, as the name suggests, it is a lightweight fixed-wing aircraft with 1 or 2 seats included.

Here's the anatomy of the aircraft for you. :P

Looks unsafe? Well there's harness to secure you and additional protective gears like the goggles (for the wind) and headset (for the noise). I feared for my phones safety though. And yes, I was nauseated everytime the aircraft suddenly drops. Something I don't usually feel when I'm aboard a normal plane. But then again, this is not a plane even though I find that the take off and landing here is smooth compared to the former. 

So naturally, I scream when my heart feels like dropping during the flight. I took videos for evidence but my screams were drowned by the noise. Here's the view at 90 ft above - the mountain is called Mt. Arayat in Pampanga.
A video posted by @cassey_cakes on

Part of the activity is to teach you the basics of operating the aircraft. It was done pre-flight. So the pilot told me I'd do it for half of the flight but I was too scared. I tell you, they really are pretty basic stuff - something I found surprising. I mean, this is not a simple machine isn't it? But it does look like it with the use of pedals and levers for basic movements. Here's another video after I piloted it. *insert smug face*

A video posted by @cassey_cakes on
This experience is truly and extremely one of a kind. As I'd tell my friends - it's fun, the nauseating kind of. Haha! You can avail this at ACFC (Angeles City Flying Club) in Pampanga - a flying school two hours north of Manila. Check their website here. 

I'd just like to end this post with this view of Mt. Arayat and how it conjured up memories of me playing at the base of this mountain with my cousins when I was a kid. :)

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