Saturday, November 08, 2014

Rexona Run 2014


How many 21k run more before I jump to the full one? Haha!

Last year, I was with my friend Mark and Angelique but we got more company this time -Kevin (on my left) and Janine. 

Kevin and I were running in pace. He couldn't leave me because he's got my chocolates, hahaha!!! But I know that though this is his first half-marathon, he could run faster than me. I wasn't really up to something, I just wanted a safe run. But around the 11K mark, I noticed that we are keeping a good record. So we decided to set a goal of 2.5 hr.

Kevin loves EDM so much and I know that he's really anticipating this Rave Cave which was somewhere past the 17km mark. I just feel so bad around 0.5km before the finish line, I left him behind the course. I didn't know that he had cramps! I was so dead set in achieving my best record (the one 3 years ago, lol!) but I was still 8 mins slower. Daaaayyyymmmm!!!
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