Saturday, November 15, 2014



Huffington post published an article months ago about OIAJ (oats in a jar) using an almost empty peanut butter. I was keen to try it as soon as I read it and immediately set out on a mission to really find these superfood that I've always been reading about - chia and flax seeds.

I was able to find them at Healthy Options in Greenbelt 5 and boy do they cost a lot, lol! Did exactly what the article said by mixing my ingredients and putting them overnight in the fridge and taaadaaaaaa!!!

Wow, I didn't realize that cold oats are tastier than the ones I normally prepare in the morning. My oats can compare to the steel-cut oats of Jamba Juice's. Seriously. Lol! For someone like me who doesn't cook, this is a MAJ achievement. Haha! Now I just need a husband who's willing to eat OIAJ for the rest of his mornings with me. HAHAHAHA!!!

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