Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Camiguin Day 1


So I sort of finished my Japan travelogue last time and still not in the mood to continue where I left off in my Dubai adventure (yaaaay!), so I thought I'd share more pics and a few details from my last Camiguin trip? The point-and-shoot quality type? Yeah? Haha!

So, we actually took a plane from Manila going to Cagayan de Oro.  The goal of our trip is to really try out the rapids and Camiguin was supposedly just a side trip.  It was also my idea to do this since as per research, there's pretty nothing much else to do in CDO tha white water rafting. Based on our experience though, I don't really recommend the land and boat transfer type of commute (too complicated) so I recommend a direct flight from Manila.  So anyway, here's a pic of me at the ferry :P

But if you took the plane, you might miss out on these coin divers.  I didn't really throw a coin I'd feel so bad if I do but yeah these kids will ask you to throw money.

While waiting to board our ferry, we realized that there are a lot of interesting points in Camiguin! Lots of nature/ falls/ hot springs, etc.  Like we were there thinking what are we thinking making this just a side trip? Lol!

So what we did is to rent a jeepney for a day to cover as many areas as possible! And off we go to our roadtrip. The driver first took us to Katibawasan Falls. You can check the pics in the earlier post here. Funny how in the caption I even mentioned it was Falls #1 coz I was expecting to visit atleast two but we didn't have enough time!

My tip here is to try this local food called Kiping. It's deep-fried cassava topped with coco jam and it's insanely delicious! Yeah I just copied my Instagram (cassey_cakes) caption. Lol!

The driver then took us to a hot spring called Sto. Nino resort but knowing that we just took a dip in Katibawasan, we skipped this area and went straight to the Old Church Ruins in Catarman.  You can enjoy fresh coconut juice here. :P

This is the ruins.  It has an old Siem Reap vibe into it.  Kinda reminded me of my trip with John (the guy here) and Sir Rey last year.  And this photo below shows how far I'd go just to take a nice photo, haha! Check out the shot here.

After this, it was almost time to take in the sunset.  And it's better enjoyed in this place called the Sunken Cemetery. From here, you can also get a good view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok as seen in my previous post.

And after a few minutes, it was again time to leave for our last point of interest.  Another dip in  Tangub hot spring this time - where I realized we don't have a clear shot using the GoPro. Haha!

And some views on our way to the hot spring.

Before I end this post, I would just like to recommend this hotel where we stayed at.  It has a very nice infinity pool and is so close to the White Island - Dreamland Beach Resort. :)

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