Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Ginkakuji Temple (The Silver Pavilion)


I say who wouldn't want to retire at this villa?  Everywhere I look and each vantage point, it's just a total embodiment of zen! 

This temple was originally a villa built by a shogun as a retreat during one of the destructive eras of Kyoto's history. Better known as Jisho-ji, this villa that was converted into a Buddhist temple after the shogun's death is situated at the foot of Kyoto's eastern mountains.  The halls found here is believed to be where he lived to pursue the arts and the finer things in life - the tea ceremony in particular.

But what left quite an impression for me is that tranquil moment you feel while walking the trails outside - I didn't know that it's possible to arrive at that state considering the flock of tourists that time. The pond that reflects the halls at sunlight, the meticulously manicured garden and the raked sand that symbolizes Mt Fuji - everything is just so lovely.

Be sure to check out the trails to the mountainside to catch a glimpse of the urban backdrop (pic below).

You may have looked for anything "silver" in the pictures as the name of the title suggests.  This shogun's plan to take after this temple's cousin the Kinkakuji ( The Golden Temple) was never realized for some reason.  But I like how this place is believed to embody a Japanese aesthetic view that is centered on the acceptance of something transience and imperfection known as wabi-sabi. Finding beauty in something imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. I love this concept! :)

I know I waxed poetic how beautiful this place is and it just doesn't match the aura here below (lol!)  Just sharing one of the candid photos Brian took of me in this place.  This was our last agenda and we're already about to leave the temple after so so so many hours of walking - you'd understand how tired I was and NO I wasn't emoting. LOL!

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