Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Year-End Dive!


Spent the last weekend diving (been a while!) for a last hurrah for this year.  I had to exchange my Taiwan trip on the same day for this.  Sigh.  But it was worth it reuniting with Shark Bait members (my diving group), practicing my already rusting diving skills to the point of assisting a fellow diver in need and spotting a huge octopus underwater for the very first time.  Hehe. :P

According to the photographer below who goes by my same name, this is my dancer's pose.  Hehe.  Here, my dive buddy and I were trying to fit in the mini castle at the Cathedral dive site in Anilao. ;)

Here we are joined by another one I've come to really get close to from our group, Brad.  My KTV microphone competitor.  Haha!  I also got to meet new members of our ever expanding family. :)

Keisi has just bought her underwater paraphernalia and so I took the liberty to share some of our underwater sightings through her lens :)

A pretty lionfish

A seal faced puffer

A school of skipjack tuna

I will add the octopus photo as soon as Brad posted his GoPro shots! :)  Last photo with the group. :)

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