Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dubai OOTD


I'm dedicating a special post for this because I kind of prepared for this trip (albeit without a checked-in baggage hehe).  I tried my best to be respectful to this country I am visiting though dressing up normally is an excuse for tourist like me. :)

December is actually a good month to visit Dubai because of the good weather.  Though I was told the best would have to be January/February when they hold the shopping festival.  Oh well.  

@Sand Dunes

In the sand dunes, shorts are actually recommended (in the tour website) and slip-ons so that the fine fine sand won't get in your closed shoes.  But my chucks fared better anyway. ;)

@Jumeirah Beach Residence

This is mostly a European place.  You can see them girls in shorty shorts since its close to the beach.  

@Jumeirah beach

Just tried to make myself cute in a daring strapless bikini without getting myself arrested (you know outfit mishaps and all :P)

@Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall

Super modest by far.  I was actually impressed with European tourists who made an effort to put on their cardigans in their maxi dresses in the metro! ;)

@Al Bastakiya 

A beautiful heritage village.  Again, sleeveless but the dress is long and neckline is covered. :P

@Jumeirah Open Beach (with a view of Burj Al Arab)

This is an open beach and bikinis are allowed! ;)

@Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

This requires modest dressing too and I know below's not acceptable which is fine since we didn't really get to go inside the theme park. :P

@Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

I have a prepared outfit but alas had to settle for an abaya (the traditional women costume) in the end.

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