Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dubai Friends! :)


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the ffg persons who made my Dubai trip an awesome one!  It wouldn't have been possible to survive without them, haha!

On my very arrival, a friend/ younger brother from the org in college picked me up from the airport.  It's the very first time I believe that this happened from all my solo sojourns. :))

On my very first day, my very concerned uncle (from Abu Dhabi) traveled to Dubai (less than 2 hr drive) to check on my condition.  He's always been caring like that to me. :)  We had lunch at Burjuman mall with his wife. :)

Next up is my friend Ali, who took a half-day leave just so he could accompany me to the desert safari!  Yes it was more fun having a companion in that camel ride! =))

And then there's Taylo.  Taylo is one of the best technicians we had when I was working at Intel.  Prior to my trip, I didn't have an idea that he's working there.  And because I was updating my FB real-time, he found out and then sent me a message and went out for dinner on my 3rd night.  He even had to hurry me to upload this pic because according to him, this is only his 2nd picture since working in Dubai for 3 years.  WOW.

4th night.  I was also invited for dinner by Dal.  She's another schoolmate of a younger batch like Kervin.  She also found out about my trip thru FB and was thoughtful enough to invite me for dinner.  It was a good time to introduce her fiance too.  And Kervin went too. :)  Dinner was at Hard Rock Cafe Dubai.

Second to my last night, I had to sleepover at Ali's place coz of my mistake in hotel booking.  Haha.  Kervin who accompanied me during the second half of the day to this beautiful place called Al Bastakiya (and took beautiful pictures of moi :p) drove me to Ali's place which is almost an hour drive.  And would you believe that for the many years they've been working in that city, this was their first time to meet each other.  Haha!  

The last day (yes, my trip was short! sigh) was spent with the two of them again - the roadtrip to Abu Dhabi.  It was one of my most fun roadtrips ever with us just goofin' around the car.  Like this, haha!

They also gave me time to meet my uncle's family in Abu Dhabi in Marina Mall while the two of them bonded as well.  Haha!

Of note also here though without picture is Michael, a friend from the gym who never stopped messaging me in FB to give me tips and advice.  

Wow, Dubai has been really a memorable trip for me and one of the best when it comes to connecting with friends and relatives abroad!  Once again, thank you all so much for this! =)

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