Friday, November 01, 2013

Workout with Chek!


If a friend of yours who's graced the covers of sexy magazines like FHM asks to join you in your pole dance sessions what would you feel?

Panic.  Exactly.  Haha! It didn't matter that she's a really good friend and that I've missed since our last bonding in SG around 2009 but the pressure to look "obese" beside her 24 in waistline in pole dancing outfit is just too much.  LOL!  As some of you may already know, I took some sessions for pole dancing, aerial hoop and aerial silk with Polecats Manila in Ortigas.  The post can be viewed here.  My friend Chek expressed her desire to try them too so we availed a private 1:1 session.

But it turned out, I was just being paranoid.  Of course for basic pole stunts, abs-baring is not really a requirement since it relies more on the strength of the legs and the arms.  Haha!!!  But I was thankful for Chek because she really pressured me to climb up the pole.  It was the most difficult part for me among all the basic stunts because I can't take the pain. :P  But look, I reached the top! :D  And Chek was good for a first timer. ;-)

That day was also the last for all the sessions I availed of. :)  It was a good experience and I wish I can master those arts one day.  Sigh.  More pics and vid from below. :)

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