Thursday, November 07, 2013

My Recent Top 3 Apps!


Easy Taxi

You all know about the recent Modus Operandi by taxi drivers these days right?  That chemical  thingy they spray through the aircon to get the passenger unconscious and God knows do what they want!  Ladies beware!  I am scared about it myself but good thing there’s a workaround for it now.  Ladies and Gents, introducing the app Easy Taxi.  A taxi booking app for your safety and convenience.  In the app, you just indicate your location and destination and it’ll find a taxi for you in no time.  Easy peasy and not to mention perfect for the upcoming holiday seasons.  Honestly, I don’t mind paying an extra fee if it would guarantee my safety but there’s something more humane to this company. J  Just watch and see this video below. 

More than just the presence of someone special (hint, hint) in here, this campaign really appeals to me coz I've been a victim of taxi driver's rudeness myself and have blogged about it many times before here.  Isn't it comforting to know that a change is coming? ;-)

You can download Easy Taxi for both iOS and Android devices. J


Yes, I am a social media addict!  And the boyfie is too.  Just saying.  Haha!  But one thing I hate in social media is flooding!  So good thing there’s this app where I can just combine not only pics but vids as well into just one collage.  Here below is a social life update – a gimmick two Fridays ago at Prime club in QC.  Gosh it’s been a while since I last went to a place like this.  But it was sure fun with friends from work! J


Who’s not going to love this app?  Instead of just a simple status update, why not present it through comic strips instead?  And personalizing your avatar is just so cool! Haha!  So here’s another update of my life below.  Am gonna be a brand new aunt again! That is just so amazing!  I’m so excited and I am really wishing for a baby girl for my older brother. J

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