Friday, October 11, 2013



I don't know about you but atleast three of my foodie friends in IG seem to be on a ramen quest recently.  The trend seemed to have rubbed off on me. :P  Here's a report for my recent food trip. :)

Ukkokei Ramen.

NJ and I had a very bad experience when the waitress asked us to leave one rainy night when there were other customers waiting.  Well it's not like my friend and I planned to linger longer (I mean we're conscious about what's happening) and it's not like 15 mins had already passed when we asked for the bill.  Duh?  I love ramen but good service is also a factor.

Mitsuyado Sei-men

The noodle with a twist, Tsukemen.  It means dipping noodles which is why it is separated from the soup.  It's a different experience and better with melted cheese all over the noodles. :)

Kokoro Ramenya

My favorite ramen of all – the Hakata Tonkotsu noodle.  Found in this ramen house near my regular gym.  Yeah bad location I know.  Hahaha!!! So far, this is the best ramen for me! :D  Kokoro, which means heart in Japanese, is indeed true love for me! :)

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