Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hanoi Etc.


My Hanoi travel blog will not be complete without mentioning the wonderful people I met in that city.  Here's a compilation photo of some of them.  There's Tim-san, my Japanese student from my part time job who was coincidentally also in there for a business trip! :)  Nathan, the Chinese guy (from HK)  whom I shared table with on the restaurant and gave a lot of tips in traveling to China.  The student from China (I forgot his name) who's sooo crazy about The Survivor he visited Philippines solely for the purpose of seeing Caramoan (haha!).  Jean the French student who's sooo handsome and stares so intensely I had trouble talking to him (lol!).  The Slovenians (Samo and Tine) who kept me company during the Ha Long Bay cruise and Jordi the old receptionist guy from Espana who quit his job to go backpacking in SE Asia!  It was only through him that I realized how big traveling is for the Europeans (in particular!).  While in Hanoi, he was discussing with us his plan on buying a bike and traveling to Ho Chi Minh using that means of transportation.  Ridiculous right?  But there I was avidly following his updates in Facebook and he had really made it by now.  LOL!  I think it is safe to say that the last three guys were the most memorable ones for me.  Okay maybe just one of them. :P

Oh and of course there's the receptionists from my hostel, the guy who never failed to tell me I'm beautiful (lol!) and the other guy who's in my FB now and a certified "liker".  Haha! I'll never forget how he sat down with me and gave me a sort of "career advice" telling me what a waste it is (he really thought hard about that phrase in English for a long time, haha!) for me to be working in an office setting when I should be doing something like modeling or what not! =))

And here are some of the unposted photos:

Probably the only high-end mall I spotted while walking along the French Quarter on my last day.  This houses them Vuittons and the likes.  I also found an outlet store where I got to try on some Louboutins!  (I'm throwing on my Louboutins! Haha!)  Thankfully them shoesies were a bit tight my CC didn't have to cave in! :P

Remember how I told you about the "no traffic lights" in Hanoi?  Here's a capture one night in a 4-way intersection.  They were able to get out of it (without any heated argument) in no time! :)

This is your typical "carinderia" in Hanoi!  Slovenian guy would often would tell me how he can't imagine himself sitting in that stool. :P

Apparently, ladies go gaga over Charles 'n Keith sale in Hanoi too! :P

So there.  This officially ends my Hanoi travelogue.  Sigh, I feel like ending this blog means forgetting about the trip completely.  But that's silly noh?  Of course, I will never forget that guy this trip!  It's time to move on to the next travelogue.  And I'm looking at you Siem Reap!  

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