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I’ve been holding myself from blogging about this for a long time now because I know that writing it in this online journal would just elevate its importance but I couldn’t contain it anymore.  I tweeted/ posted in FB about it once (maybe 2 months ago?) hoping it’s enough but the occurrences recently is just so abnormal and it’s already freaking me out.

It’s about this number combination:

And mind you, I’m not only talking about the time of the day.  Whether it’s the zoom size whenever I open a PDF document (not sure if it’s the default), remaining battery time left of my laptop or time elapsed in the treadmill, I always see this number combination. 1:43!!!  There was even a time when I deliberately avoided looking at the digital display of my smartphone’s clock so as NOT to see it anymore (it was approaching that time then) but after a few moments, I checked my other phone to see that it has an advanced time and guess what was the number display???  Aaargh.  It’s driving me mad.  I tried so hard not to think much about it.

So when I did my research today, I found out that I’m not alone.  There are other people as well who keeps on seeing a certain number pattern.  (And they are freaked out too! Haha!)  Most of the comments I saw associate the numbers to their birthday but this combination is far from mine.  Also, I noticed that though some of them have been seeing their number combination since they were kids, some of them started observing it though after a defining moment in their life.

So if I try to obsess about analyze it, it started appearing after a heartbreak last year. It’s so odd right?  I mean it doesn’t take someone with half a brain cell to know that 143 has that slang meaning “I Love You.”  I even found its etymology; apparently it came from the beeper days in the 90s!  Sadly, in the same website about numerology, they only gave interpretations for repetitive numbers or increasing/ decreasing digits but none exactly for 143.

So further research led me to this website:

Let's dig in and find the real meaning of 143.
Each digit in the number has its own meaning, the 1, 4, and 3. The total of the digits (which is 8, because 1+4+3=8) represents the meaning of the entire number 143.
The numerology 8 is a number of business and finances as well as balancing the spiritual and material. It creates as easily as it destroys. It is as spiritual as it is materialistic.
The number 8 has the inner wherewithal to build great works that benefit society.
With the numerology number 143, the digits 1, 4, and 3 are an influence on the number 8 and define its focus.
The numerology number 1 is a leader and likes to be self-sufficient.
The numerology number 4 is a worker with a focus on building a foundation for the future.
The numerology number 3 expresses itself creatively and generally is comfortable in social situations.
The numerology definition of the number 143 is a builder of something self-sufficient and perhaps unique that supports society, something related to the arts.

This one makes total sense since my birthdate falls on the 8th!  The overall definition is not bad because that is really me.  So given that interpretation, my next question would have to be. What is the relevance of seeing it everyday?  Why did it start to appear when I had a heartbreak?  When is it going to end???

But who am I kidding? Even with the answers provided, I know I will always find loopholes in it.  Coz I know deep down in this hopeless romantic heart of mine I know that I’d choose to believe what me and my other friends believe in.  That “he” or 143 guy is about to come. It's silly right??? Why am I like this???  Uuuggghhh!!!!

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