Monday, June 03, 2013

The Voice!

Happy Monday guys! I just wanted to blog about my new favorite app - The Voice!!!  Available on Iphone only (which I can totally understand why because of the excellent voice quality for iOS sorry about that Android), this app is a recording software containing songs from the show itself.  But just a secret between us, I don't really watch the show.  I don't have time though boyfie Adam Levine should be enough motivation.  Sigh.  

Anyway, his app has made it possible for me to get live on uhmmm, Soundcloud!  Haha!!!  I'd like to shout a special thank you to my friend NJ who taught mo how to extract the mp4 files from the app. Haha!!!  

I've heard of SoundCloud before (coz of my friend Mae who puts all her recordings there) but I recently felt the pressure when most of the singers at work have their own accounts!  And me being well ME, I didn't wanna be left behind.  HAHAHA!!!

I know it's Monday and we're all supposed to start the week right.  So care to visit my link and hear my singles sometime tomorrow??? HAHAHA!!!  And while you're at it, check out also the friends I follow coz they're all so talented!!!

Guys, I cater to requests so just please make sure to comment the songs you want me to record. =)))))))  Have a great week! :D

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