Thursday, June 06, 2013

Old Items Revisited


Part of my plan to spend wisely (particularly on shopping) this year is to really work on my wardrobe wisely.  With the recent #ootds (outfit of the day) that I've been documenting in my Instagram account (follow me, cassey_cakes ;-), I believe I've been successful in doing that.  I've come up with some really new combinations that I've never thought would work before.  While documenting (aka taking pictures) is really helpful, I recently realized that doing the laundry is the time when my fashion creative juices flow.  LOL!  You know how they say that shower is their time for thoughts and decision-making?  It happens to me whenever I am handwashing  a certain cloth and ideas of ways I could wear that item comes to my mind.  Our laundry's location being on the rooftop where you can breathe fresh air could also be a factor.  Haha!!!

Digging deep into my closet and finding things that I've never worn for more than 5 years or gives me such an amazing feeling.  Here's why:

#1  Bayo knitted top.  This top is one of my favorite top to wear in college.  IN COLLEGE.  I mean seriously, how many of us can still fit into dresses from way way back? Haha!  Also, I can't help but feel a sense of pride for my choices of clothes back then.  A purchase from 10 years ago that can still be worn today can be considered an investment and a wise buy.  Agree? Hehehe.

In hear, I wore it with a Topshop lace skirt with blue inner clothing details that I got on sale, a Cotton On necklace on sale and Dorothy Perkins top that I bought on sale as well.  :))))  Sunnies are from a market at the night pub in Siem Reap.

#2  Le Donne shoes.  Oh em gee.  I don't remember ever buying in this shop anymore recently but I can still recall from where I got these when I unearthed it among the boxes of shoes in my room.  Such a thrill to wear it again.  It's still somehow in good condition.  It amazes me how I already consider it such high heels (or wedgies more like) back then which maybe is a good 8 years ago compared to the shoesies I've beenwearing now.  Hehe.  This just simply proves how I'm utterly capable of taking care of my things. ;-)

Wearing a Tomato top, Jose Celine-inspired design bag and Mango red skinny jeans.

#3 Karimadon dress   Once again, I had the sheer joy of wearing this dress again and layering it fresh with a floral to floral theme!  This dress is approximately a 2008 purchase.  

In here I paired it with a Forever21 vest, Dorothy Perkins braided belt, Plains n Prints scarf and a Cole Vintage bag.

This will be my last post for this week.  An early happy weekend greeting! =)

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