Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cambodian Cultural Village (CCV)


With John injured from the first day in Ta Phrom, we all concurred to cancel the 2nd day plan of exploring more temples so his legs could get some rest.  In the morning, I found some time to finally swim in our hostel's pool still puzzled on what to do in the afternoon.  Luckily, while I was leafing through the hostel's maps by the lobby, I found this attraction and brought up the idea to the two guys.  

"The Cambodian Cultural Village (CCV) is located in Siem Reap along National Road No 6, distanced 3 Km from International Siem Reap Airport and 5 Km from Angkor Wat temple. With a total area of 210,000 meter square, CCV assembles all the miniatures of famous historical buildings and structures, local customs and practices of all races."

Going to CCV was such a good idea as it offered us a lot of information about Cambodia's cultural heritage.  2nd day was totally an immersion of everything Khmer!!!  We hired a tour guide to expound more on the things we saw inside the museum and even outside like the miniature of famous buildings in Cambodia. 

"There are 10 unique villages, which represent different cultural heritages with 8 scenes of show performance. At each village, the tourist will be able to enjoy with traditional dancing performances in different styles such as: Apsara Dancing, Traditional Khmer Wedding Ceremony, Historical of the Angkor period show “The greatest king Jayarman 7th Show”, performance of ethnic minorities from Northeast of Cambodia “Choosing FiancĂ© Show” and “ Water & Fire Master Choosing Show”, Performance of ethnic minorities from Northwest of Cambodia “Peacock Dancing”, Performance of Khmer original people “Khantremming Dancing”, and more...."

I guess the highlight of this village would have to be the dance performances.  What I like in here is that it is very interactive as they pick someone from the audience to be part of the show.  I'd have to admit that when they chose a handsome Caucasian as the groom for the wedding ceremony show, I had to stop myself from volunteering as a bride.  Hahaha!!!  Isn't it crazy that weddings in Cambodia last up to 3 days???  So much rituals and festivities!!!

The 40 USD entrance fee is totally worth it.  There would be atleast about 8 villages and shows to watch out for and the whole activity lasts until about 8 in the evening.  Aside from the comic acts to amuse you in each show, there will be some pretty girls to crush on (I would know as I have two guys with me, haha!)  I recommend to stay until the very last show which is "The greatest King Jayarman 7th show" as it showcases how the Angkor Wat was built by the king.  The show was impressive! :)

One activity that we enjoyed the most in CCV was this ----> arrow shooting!!!  Hahaha!!!  The tour guide didn't bother to take us there as we were already late for the first show but I asked him about it and again, brought up the idea to the guys who were so game to try the sports.  LOL! 

And of course, I just simply have to share my ala-Katniss Everdeen shot!  :)))))

This concludes our 2nd day blogging.  I decided to go through each temples we visited in my next posts since I had the time to read about them during the holidays!  Yey! :D

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