Friday, January 18, 2013



For today's hashtag I decided to post the outfits I wore when I was in Siem Reap! :D  I'm not sure why but it's been decided that I would bring my long skirts and dresses for this trip.  It had to be anything sheer or floral. :P  Prolly it has something to do with the initial knowledge that visiting temples requires anything long.  I'll be sharing a few deets as well of our trip here since I still have an upcoming Boracay post! :P

And for foreign readers, talikogenic is a Filipino made up word that is derived from photogenic.  Talikod means back-facing.  So put two and two together. :P  Since I asked John to take this shot for me, I couldn't get enough of talikogenic poses.  LOL!  This one below was worn for the Angkor Wat sunrise viewing on our first morning in Siem Reap. :)  He actually labeled this as "the boyfriend shot."  Hahaha!

Next one below was worn on the same day.  Yes, there has got to be an outfit change!!!  LOL!  After the sunrise viewing (the shot you saw on my #traveltuesday post), we went back to the hotel for brekky and proceeded with our itinerary for the day.  This one was taken at Baphuon temple where I wanted John to feature the very steep stairs of all their temples!!!  That's just crazy, even the steps are very narrow.  So scary but still all smiles for the picture, hahaha!!!

This one below was directed by me.  I don't know but there's just something so mesmerizing about the trees in the same temple as above so I asked Sir Rey to take this shot for me. :)

This one below was worn on the 3rd day at Neak Poan temple.  The details of my top is better seen from the back because of the lace. Har!

This one below was directed by John.  He asked me to go down the walkway of the Angkor Wat bridge where we went back on our last day to catch the sunset. :)

But my favorite of all would have to be this.  This one was directed by me, LOL!  I am sooo loving the drama I injected while viewing the ruins of the Bayon temple! :D  I'm quite torn if that or the Baphuon would be my favorite. :P

Have a fashionable weekend everyone!!! Later will be a Les Miserables movie date! :)  Good vibes to all of you! :D TGIF!

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