Friday, January 25, 2013



Sharing a fitness quote below

Yes I belong to those strong girls (physically and emotionally I guess, lol!)!!! Unfortunately, after achieving some abs way back April last year (sigh!), I slackened on my routine and became careless with my diet.  Somehow you can chalk it up to the new job set-up.  For the benefit of new readers, I thoroughly enjoyed a home-based job set-up for three years before where I could exercise for two batches in a day.  :P  No regrets, I love my job now but I just had to adapt to the new system of sitting 8 hrs in a day and all that shiz. :P

I don't measure my weight obsessively but I know my body and I am certain as to when I AM FAT and NOT.  I can honestly say that around end of October when we went back to our special island in Quezon and I just couldn't do any justice to any of my swimwears that I.AM.INDEED.FAT then.  LOL!  I wasn't supposed to go with my friends in Boracay early this year because the Siem Reap trip came first but I took it as a challenge to myself to go back to where things have been.  Aaaargh!!  So during the holidays, I doubled my efforts in my ever trusty military fitness regimen......

Insanity!!! Hahaha!!!

To achieve quicker results, I did it almost everyday and sometimes twice (if I didn't have any scheduled gym workout in the night).  :P  And I think the efforts paid off.

It wasn't as good as the results I achieved before but I think it was enough.  For now.  My body will always be a work in progress.  Uuuuggghh!!! :))

Happy healthy weekend everyone! :)

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