Friday, December 21, 2012



Suffice it to say, this was my first time to cosplay EVER.  And recently I just realized how effortless it is coming up with a costume.  The corset (Warehouse), the liquid leggings (Topshop), black gloves and black mask (which I just bought randomly in H&M HK for fun, yeah I'm weird like that, haha!!) were just all sitting in my closet waiting to be pieced together to let out the catwoman in me.  Haha!! Oh em gee, I think I just found my calling.  :))))

Can somebody please say whether the peg is catwoman or Kim K??? :))

See I climbed the 41st floor of our tower... :))

From a vixen to a diva, I so love this shot during one of the song intermission. :)

Catwoman, held-up by a Naruto boy!!! :))

Preparation pics! :)

Happy holidays!!! :))

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