Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinky Pleats!!! ;))


This pleated MNG skirt's been sitting in my closet for sometime now since I find it quite difficult to pair a top to it.  But then one morning for a formal occasion just when I was about to put on a black dress I suddenly thought of this old purple top I have from Petit Monde from years back.  And the rest is history, lol.

For the accessories, I was wearing MNG shades, Accessorize necklace and those jangling in my arms are all not mine.  I borrowed my father's Rado watch, my mother's gold bracelets and some fancy Charriol-inspired bracelet from  my Tita. Haha!!  And of course I simply had to bring  that paper umbrella from Bangkok for the picture. =P  Happy weekend everyone! :)

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