Friday, November 02, 2012



I chuckled when I encountered the acronym from a friend in FB.  The acronym means Gandang-ganda sa sarili (GGSS).  Hahaha!!  With my self-esteem hitting rock bottom recently (dead toe nails, curly hair gone, few pounds added..uuugggh), it's nice to know I can still errm look good even if...

a.  Lipstick only look.  When I was in KL 2 days ago, I forgot my tinted moisturizer (which I always use as a base foundation for years now).  So I decided to just go with my Revlon Coral lips.  Yun nga lang, had to cover myself in bubuyog shades which I got from MNG.  Haha!!  Here's a shot from the taxi. :)

b.  Give justice to a size 16 dress.  LOLs!!  Dorothy Perkins went on sale 2 weeks ago and I was kind of late when I checked their branch in RP Manila.  I found this maxi dress with the smallest size available in 16. (I'm either an 8 or 10 if you must know :P)  but I stubbornly grabbed it in the off chance that it can be repaired or something.  What I didn't realize was that by just pulling the ties a li'l tighter, it can create the shape that I was aiming for.  A vanity mirror shot from the hotel.

Lastly, I think it's but okay to say it but somehow I feel embarrassed to confess that I've been ditching to wear that upper underwear lately.  I can't even bring myself to say the word, LOL!  But I believe that I'm flat-chested enough to pull it off without looking slutty or something.  The dress has too much print in it and the upper volume created by the ties saves myself not only from looking fatter but from possible malicious stares.  It's really not obvious honestly and I know how some women would love to do the same but can't.  Yes, I'm one of those women grateful for flat chest.  I don't want a bigger one. =P

Thought we could already move to our new home by this weekend but a few more days I guess.  Here's a shot that covers the living and the kitchen. Eggzoited much!! Yay!! =D

And I'll be posting beach photos next week!!  See you!! :)

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