Thursday, October 25, 2012



In order to seriously make up for some lack of posts last week :P, I'll be publishing my top 3 of things that made/ makes me happy.  Admittedly, let's just say that things aren't really on the up recently but keri lang.  I just smile and focus on things that make me happy like for example:

#1 Our house.  Yay!! It's almost done.  After 10 years errr I mean months.  Haha!!  Here's a preview of our living area.  It kind of followed my design way back to have a sliding door.  It's so maaliwalas (bright) and presko (refreshing), Papa bought a new TV just for this and friends suspect I was responsible for the color which to be honest, I'm not.  LOL!  I love the feeling of lounging by the sofa but I haven't had the time to do so for a longer period.  You know that thing, just sitting infront of the TV and finishing a whole movie in HBO.  Sigh, I miss that.  Hopefully I get to do that in this upcoming vacation/ holidays. :)

#2  Unexpected gifts.  Two Sundays ago at church, I was wearing a maxi dress and bare accessories with only a cocktail ring ('twas the look I was aiming for).  So I was pleasantly surprised when my mother gave me a small package that contains H&M accessories - a gift from my best friend Mae Ann in Bahrain.  I was so so happy I wore them right away.  Haha!!  Here's an instagram post of the golden cuff and earrings that she gave me. :)  Thanks again Mae!

#3  My nephew.  My most favorite kiddo in the world.  Waaah he's turning 4 next month and recently I've been spending a lot of times with him because PLDT sucks we didn't have internet connection at home for 2 months now and I have to hop over to my older brother's home to get online.  Sigh.  He's really such a bright boy.  I remember introducing to him the game Plants vs Zombies months ago and now he's memorized all the names of the plants and the zombies.  I was the one who stayed outdated.  Hahaha!!  I also love it when he texts me at work sometimes and he can now compose long sentences and use smileys!!  Sobrang nakakatuwa. :)  When he says I love you to my kuya before he goes to work, it makes me suddenly crave for a son of my own.  But I hope he'll be as bright and cute as him.  Hehehe. :P

So there.  Just a bit of an update on my ho-hum life.  Have a fun-filled long weekend you guys!  Stay happy!!!  :)

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