Thursday, September 13, 2012

WW & TT & FF: H&M

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Today’s post is mixture of a Wednesday wishlist and a Travel Thursday and Fab Friday hashtag. :P  Actually it gears more on the prior but obviously I didn’t have enough time to finish it before yesterday.  Sheeesh! :S

Anyway, it’s very simple.  My Wednesday wishlist is for H&M to open a shop here in the PH! :D I think it’s high time for this brand to follow suit after Forever21 & Uniqlo.  Right?? ;-)  Their clothing lines are very affordable, take for example this leopard print dress I got last weekend.  It’s priced at 179 HKD.  Very cheap!  Had this been any other store (and yes I’m looking at you Dorothy Perkins :P), it could've gone up to something double. :P

No offense to Kim K’s fans, but this was just a subjective statement mentioned to me by my friend Joan in Singapore.  She told me once that she is reminded of me whenever she watches The Kardashians on TV. :P  She can’t pinpoint exactly what was it but it could be my long curly hair and my fierce love for feline prints.  I believe the Kardashians even came up with their line of leopard prints for a certain brand. :P  I mean seriously, my behind doesn’t even measure up to hers.  Haha!

Can you just imagine how knackered one can get after going to a tour and going shopping in a four-storey shop like theirs?  I didn’t have enough energy in my Day 1 tour so I didn’t have time to fit dresses.  At Queen’s Road, I initially purchased a size 38 thinking that it’d fit just right.  Turns out, 'twas a tad tight for me (and no I don’t want to pull off a Kim K in a tight dress) so on my second day I was delighted to learn that I could exchange it for a bigger size in another branch (the one in Plaza Hollywood).  Yeeeey! :D

Anyway, last Monday I wore it for a drinking night with friends/co-workers.  Hahaha!!  Monday night!!  Here are some snapshots at Fiamma and Maitre Cholatier in Jupiter St. J

The food:

 The drinks:

Kanpai with my best guy friends! :D

The ever lite drinker! :P

 Good times with Deu, Ferdz, Jace and Joms! :D

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