Wednesday, August 08, 2012


A lot of you may have heard about the disastrous effect of the relentless monsoon rains caused by typhoon Haikui.  As I type these words, I'm here at home cozy in my PJs, complete with electricity and internet connection.  Was thinking that should there be a power outage, it would be completely fine if that's the only way I could sympathize with my countrymen who are affected by the deluge.  I see the ongoing rescue operations of volunteers on TV and can only regard a deep respect for them for their efforts.  Yes I know I guess I can do more and I feel helpless that the only way I could help is through donating and praying.  But I think no help is considered little as long as it is genuine and comes from the heart.  Disseminating information (especially those who need rescue/ help) can be good specially for those who can reach out to a lot of people (followers) but I think it's also good to retweet those stuffs that some people might forget to consider during these times (like a gentle reminder to if possible avoid ordering delivered foods as consideration to these employees, avoid retweeting pictures that may cause panic for some people, words of encouragement, etc.) Importante din yang mga yan. ッ


I know that once again Filipinos will once again recover from this misfortune.  Like a pliant bamboo, we sway with these onslaughts but we never yield or die.  You know, we're resilient like that. :)  I like this thing I saw in Twitter, "the Filipino spirit is waterproof."  So filled with all these positive thoughts, let's all try to help in our own small way.  There's so much thing that needs to be done.  For sure in the next few days, we'll get further information on different ways in which we could help.  But for now, some prayers on stopping the rain would do as it is still going on in our area now.

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