Monday, June 11, 2012

Work Happenings =)

I know it's too early to say but really, I love my job right now. :)  Being a girl, I'm entitled to change this statement someday right?  Haha!!  But allow me to state what I feel as of the moment.  Should that day come when my feelings change, atleast I was able to utter these very words to myself.  Wow, it's like those cliche in love stories, "all those times I did love you!!!" Waaaaaaaaaaahh!!! =))

I love going to the office everyday.  The view is always spectacular from the 41st floor. :) Here's a sunset shot taken mere weeks after I started. :)

I love that I can easily meet up with my girlfriends.  Before there used to be a term called my Makati girls, but now I'm officially one of them.  Here's I, Liz and Aryan at Mesa in Greenbelt 5.  Since Joy is missing the correct caption for the photo would have to be "Sagada girls" since that's how Liz and I met Aryan.  By the way, Happy 8 years of friendship to US, Lisaaaaaaaaaaaa gurrrrrrrrl!!! =))

I love my co-workers.  The company is dominated by, is this term still being used these days, yuppies!!!  Single girls and boys whose dates are still within the calendar, harhar!!  It's very easy to plan activities and invite everyone around.  As an engineer, I've worked with men all my life so it's no wonder that I am more comfortable hanging around with them.  Here's us trying out an Indian cuisine somewhere at the back of the building. :)

I love the deals that are available in the district.  Haha!!  So this famous coffeehouse chain held this 50% off promotions for their frappucino last month.  To be honest, I'm not such a fan of their blended drinks ( I prefer the hot ones) and I can easily diss the said offer but I feel like I have to "experience" it.  Like an initiation you know, hahaha!!!  So here's us waiting forever for our frappes. :P  It warranted a call from the boss after finding half of the employees gone that day.  Yays!!!

I love dressing up.  Well, with or without a company, this is a definite given.  LOL!  But after working for two months, I realized that working in an office job is the only way for me to utilize all the articles of clothing, shoes and accessories that I have.  I haven't repeated any of my dresses for the last two months.  Seriously!!! @_@ I still haven't given up on my tutoring job so I haven't got time to post outfits recently.  I managed to take this one though when I channeled Elle Woods once in the office. ^_^

And some other "memorable" work happenings, the fire drill!  Took a flight down from the 41st and hurt my calves the next day, LOL!  Spent an extended break time in a Korean store where I introduced to them my favorite ice cream. =)

Group dinner with the bosses at Kitchen in GB3. =)

Discovering different dining places and earning more badges in Foursquare.  Haha!!  The recent one was spent in Cafe Alfonso last week where I debuted the new single of my album as seen below.  WAHAHA!!!  Here's Niko, Peach and I.  =)

Social life up and high as of this moment.  Hindi na ako ermitanyo.  Hahaha!!! =))


Tisha said...

I think that was the Indian restaurant where my family ate on one of my birthdays. Hmm I miss my Indian family!

CaseyCakes said...

It took time for the food to be served but they taste really good. Do you really have an Indian blood?