Friday, May 04, 2012

Skinny Is Not Dead

Sure, I may have gotten it 50% half the price for being out of season trend, but I will forever be partial to high-waisted skinny jeans.  The black trousers I got from MNG has been rendered useless months ago when I noticed a rip somewhere at the back pocket.  Weird.  So this Topshop item couldn't have come in a better time.

I was feeling very confident with the way I strut it off in the Manila airport for my MY flight two Sundays ago and really very pleased with my purchase.  But it was fleeting.  I felt like shrinking when I saw a quite known PMAP model Wilma D. aboard the same flight wearing some skinny jeans and high heels.  I even queued behind her during boarding.  Wow, this is the real skinny one standing infront of me.  Hehehe. :P  But she's very funny during the flight though.  She pulled off some antics that made the other passengers laugh.  I wasn't able to help but cackle in her gestures while finding my seat in the plane.  Made me recall her short TV stint as a comedienne when I was younger.  Wasn't able to have a photo-op with her though. :P

Top - Plains n Prints; Jeans -Topshop; Sandals - Charles n Keith; Cuffs - Tory Burch

Have a posh weekend! :D

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