Monday, May 28, 2012

Polka Dots 'n Floral


This post can't again wait for #fabfriday, hehe.  Taken at my brother's party at The Reserve Liquor Lounge in Ortigas, even I was taken aback when I arrived at the VIP room and saw him there wearing that.  LOL!  For a brief moment, I thought "I should've worn my polka peplum top too." :P  It's too fashion forward but I think he was able to pull it off.  So since polka is in these days, does that mean they can wear floral top and pants too? :))

And for the wasn't shown here but having seen last Friday's post, you know what the shoes were.  Haha!!

Please support his show "Hiyas" airing at 5PM today.  Thank you. :)


Fashion Lookbook said...

Love your floral dress.

CaseyCakes said...

It's from Mango from years ago. Thank you. :)