Tuesday, May 01, 2012



Here's a quick overview of my biz trip in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia last week. ;)

The   -shaped pool of the PJ Hilton.  For the first time I didn't bring a swimwear on a business trip because my boss said the hotel's got a good gym.  Yeah, the boss knows I'm a gym rat!! :P  So it was the first time for my neon pink trainers to hit a gym outside PH - with the boss on a Monday night.  The hotel staff did allow me to swim in my tank top and shorts on Tuesday morning though.  Haha!!

Hotel sweets. :)  I think I'm gonna gain some pounds for business trips with the "boss" or my "lolo" (grandpa :p).  Monday commenced with a buffet breakfast courtesy of the hotel, a quick caffeine fix on Starbucks prior to the meeting with the clients, a sumptuous Japanese meal with the CEO, another run for coffee in Starbucks after the meeting, dinner with "lolo" in a steak house and another recap meeting for desserts around 930 in the evening in the hotel.  Yay, yay, yay!!!!!

For day 2, I had some few hours for uhmm myself after checking out since flight was still later on in the evening so I decided to get out of PJ and go to the city!!  I wanted to see the twin towers again!!!! :D  The receptionist said with a very limited time I've got, 'twas better for me to catch the train and not the taxi.  Of course I wouldn't take the cab, it's rather fun riding the trains and finding your way in a foreign country coz I feel that my "zero" sense of direction improves this way, mahaha!!!  Actually, the moment I stepped out of the hotel, fail na agad.  I was told to walk left but instead I turned right and only realized it after some 5 minutes.  Juice-me-oh!!! Hahaha!!! On my first visit here, I had Ate Lisa as my guide, so to help me in my solo journey (as well as for "foursquare" updates) I took photos like the one above, hehehe.  :P  And finally, after some 30 minutes, I made it!! WOOHOO!!  Congratu-malations!! :))

Had late lunch at Suria KLCC, shopped some shoes and followed around by some Malaysian guy and tried  to lose him by going through some other shops.  Went to Zara and Topshop twice. LOL!  Anyway, I'll prolly visit this country more now with my work so until some future updates.  

P.S.  I just got back from a family reunion in Bataan this morning.  Hehe. :D

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