Friday, May 11, 2012

Floor Sweepers


In lieu of the recent MET ball 2012.... It's almost impossible not to blog about this as there were just too many interesting gowns.  I mean, it wouldn't be known as the "Oscars of Fashion" for nothing right?  Here are my top 3 picks.  I was drawn to the floor-sweepers!!! :)

Diane Kruger.  There were too many feathers that night.  I love how effortlessly she carried this purple Prada.

Next, Nina Dobrev in a stunning Donna Karan Atelier gown.  Now that's what you call a traaaaaaaaiinnnnnnn..... :))

Last, Camilla Belle in glamorous Ralph Lauren.  Actually, it wasn't only the dress but what caught me was the make-up.  PLUM LIPS!!!!!!!

I know B came too in a feathery floor sweeper but sorry she didn't make it in my list.  Still love her though. :P  Who are your top picks????? :)

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