Thursday, April 26, 2012

To Licensure!!! ;-)

After scuba diving for the first time, now I finally understand how the peace sign came about in posing for photos.  And no it didn't come from the Koreans, lol!  Because really, can anybody tell me how to appear errrm "cool" while you have that "pacifier" thing in your mouth underneath the water???  I exhausted that pose in all of my photos and also this one below.  LOL!

Actually, you can remove that "thingamajig" of a respirator and breathe through your mouth for some seconds but honestly I was too scared.  During the practical training of that scenario (a case where the respirator appears to have been lost), there was a time when panic got the better of me and I rose out of the shallow water.  So silly, I mean really, what was I thinking drowning in less than 5 feet water then?  Hahaha!!

God must have inspired that person who invented scuba diving, for sure He wants us to discover the beauty of His creatures underwater and praise Him for it. ;-)

My knowledge about underwater creatures are limited to that of characters in Finding Nemo (wahaha, just kidding) but I like our Japanese instructor Kazumi for patiently pointing out living things that would've been otherwise lost on me (sea slugs, aquatic plants, etc).  I'm not so sure if the photo below is similar to the school of moonfish in that movie, but watching them up above I wished they would form a pattern something like the words "EAC" and poooof, I'll resurface and find myself in Sydney.  Nyahaha!!  Oh I just love that film, my absolute favorite is Dory.  Have I told you after watching that, her short-term memory loss kinda rubbed off on me??  For three consecutive days, I kept on forgetting by the counter the yogurt drink I used to buy in 7-11??  Without fail.  For reals. :))

I also love the "fall backwards out" from the boat at the beginning of the dive.  Kazumi, sensing the seed of worry in my face, held me on my knees and said "Don't worry KC, you will float."  Hahaha!!  And of course I did.  I also enjoyed the fish feeding. :)

Another thing I loved in the activity?  Wearing the divesuit!!!  I know I feel sexy in a swimwear but maaaan I feel sexier in that thing!!!  I felt like I was Jessica Alba in Into The Blue.  Sabeeeeeehh?? :))

And now that I've started it, there's no point stopping me now.  I wanna go back to Coron and dive in Barracuda Lake, Tubbataha Reef, Malapascua in Cebu and anywhere with diverse marine life and beautiful reefs.  But I'm saying no to shipwrecks for now, those thing give me the heebie-jeebies.  Yay!  There's only one question hanging in the air,

How to produce Php20,000 for the licensure???  Yay! :))

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