Monday, March 05, 2012

Apartment Living

So I feel like narrating a story today (read: blabber) so please indulge me on this gibberish post.  Okay, there goes the warning.  Anyway, last last Saturday at 4AM, I was awakened by our household helper as I hear some commotion from outside.  There’s a FIRE in our neighborhood!!  Having slept for only 2 hours, I roused myself in my Winnie the Pooh T-shirt dress and checked the fire from our window.  This is what I saw:

It was pretty huge!  I can only manage to scream in horror as I hear some mighty explosions from the burning houses.  I was also in a panic mode for some ten minutes and was only relieved when the firefighters finally arrived.  Note: my mother asked me to stay put inside, hold the flashlight and the keys of our apartments as you know some people might take advantage of the situation.

Granted, it was a fire across our house and considered quite far from us but I couldn’t help but panic as to which things I must pack first.  Having experienced firsthand how hard transferring all my things to our apartment was, I couldn’t imagine uhmm doing it again.  Of course in critical times, quick thinking and judgment is needed.  I know there’s no need to save everything, only the important ones.  So it got me thinking about getting ready in times of emergencies like this.  Yay!

I remember a guy who I used to date asked me once about the first thing that I’d save in case of a fire.  I already forgot what my answer was but I think he intentionally raised the question to his advantage.  Naturally, I’d return the query back to which he replied something about a pen that has the insignia or something of the university he attended in the States.  What a bragger!  I admit back then I didn’t know his personality yet and when I heard it I was impressed that he graduated from such a school and made me admire him more.  But I mean seriously, what would that pen do to you???  How about saving important documents and everything??  Duh?!?!  Infatuation does dull your senses noh?  Hahaha!!

So what makes this set-up more difficult for me is that currently our things are divided into two apartments.   We rented a small apartment infront our original house and that’s where the living/kitchen/dining room things are.  My mother asked our tenant to find a new apartment since me and my brother will be occupying our apartment which is located exactly at the back of our original house.  Ang gulo diba?  Haha!!

This new set-up kind of errrr, exposes me to neighbors too much.  Since for lunch we have to climb down and go to the other house to eat. :P  Sometimes I hear my name being called by some neighbors who I can’t recognize, prolly my playmates when I was young.  LOL!  One disadvantage of this set-up is that I seldom see my baby anymore. L  Papsie stays by the other side and she’s such a “daddy’s girl” so she prefers to stay at the other apartment too, hehe.  But I do appreciate that once in a while she climbs up four floors to visit me here. :P

I know steps are a bottom’s friend and trudging up four floors are good for the quads too so I shouldn’t complain about it so I have to say I’m loving everything about this apartment living.  I once begged my mom to give me this so that uhmm I’d know how it’s like to live independently but it wasn’t fully justified since I just have to pop down two floors and through the fire exit of this building I can enter our main house through the laundry area if I need to eat.  Hahaha!!!

Speaking of which because of this unusual set-up we once got locked out of our homes then had to do some Mission Impossible moves in order to get in (read: using tire wires and long metals to get the keys).  Crazy, crazy set-up! Haha!!

I love the fact that there are no neighboring buildings from here, which means that ventilation is good.  There was a time when most of my twitter and facebook contacts were complaining about the heat and I was surprised coz I didn’t feel a single flame of it.  :P  I’ve also been showing more concern to this apartment by cleaning it everyday.  Hahaha!!  God knows when the last time I held a broom was.  =))  Who knows by actually staying here for 4 months more I’d start working on the kitchen area  (Asaaaaaa!!! Hahaha!!!).  But then I’m also looking forward to my new room in the future. :P  So I’ll just enjoy this apartment living for now. ;-)

Here’s a shot of me by the apartment's terrace. J

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