Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fitness Goals ☑

Achievement.  To wear a cropped/midriff top in the gym.  Mahaha!!

It was the first time for me to try the new class Zumba last Monday at the gym and to make it memorable, I debuted my cropped shirt because I "feel" that my 15-min abs everyday workout is sort-of effective.  LOL!

Good thing the female's locker is just next to the group exercise room I didn't have to walk that far.  Haha!!  And I almost shot everyone at the class this "pleading" look that says "Pagbigyan nyo na ako" since it's really a wish of mine to show some flabs in the gym.  LOL!

Photo at the left is with one of my gym friend Ivan. ;-)

I have already ticked the box for my goal of doing a 21K this year.   I don't want to say anything yet about doing a full marathon as I have a different thing in my mind.  There was this one day when my FB News Feed were so full of pregnancy news/ upcoming baby delivery etc of them batchmates/friends when this idea came upon me.  And no I'm not talking about getting knocked up (*roll eyes, LOL!*).  My idea is this:

Can you see it in my shirt?  That is my vision board.  That was the shirt used for the Camsur triathlon!!!  No you heard it wrong, LOL!! I initially wanted to do a triathlon but reckoned I'm not a fast swimmer (yikes!).  But I believe I can do well on the biking part.  So I wanna do atleast a duathlon next year.  I wanna be sporty, naks naman!!!  Ako na!! Haha!!  Before I only use to take the rpm class whenever erm that dreaded time of the month is near.  Sorry, this is again another classified TMI but I've been suffering for years (all of my life actually) and it was only recently that I found the cure.  So consider this a top tip how biking before your period helps alleviate those crampy first days.  It's very effective for me. ;-)  It's just sad how I thought before that I can never be a sporty type of person because I always worry whenever that "thing" is coming.  It prevented me from joining auditions for volleyballs or trying out any other sports when I was still studying. Tsk.

Anyway, so duathlon it is.  I told my coach about it and he is not very supportive.  Phhbbbttt!!  But I think I can still change his mind since we attend the rpm class together. :P  And maybe if he reads this and know how serious I am, he will think again.  :P  Diba coach? ;-)  It's just weird how I thought of these things at the height of pregnancy news of friends.  Maybe it's my mind's way of defending itself from not getting there at that stage of being a woman that might not happen anytime soon. :P  But I don't wanna overanalyze things.    I can't wait to do a post of my duathlon here in my blog.  Ayeeeeeee!!!!! :D


Dandy-Doll said...

How is zumba like? Looking gorgious in sports clothes :)


CaseyCakes said...

Hey Dandy, Zumba is like a Latin dance. :) Thanks for the comment..