Sunday, September 25, 2011

Manila Int'l Marathon

What’s new for this run?  Having no sleep, nah.  New running buddy, check.  Tell you about him later.  New strategy, check na check!  Pak na pak!  This was the first run in which I did not do any walking which I think is amazing given that I had really no sleep at all.  I was just running/part-jogging the whole time.  And when I say, no sleep, I meant  ZERO shuteye, absolutely zip!  Sigh.  I blame it on the green tea frappe I had last Saturday. L

Anyway, maybe the reason for that is the challenge being set by my new running buddy NJ.  He initially wants to keep his pace with mine and I took on my high chair and told him something to this effect, “You know what I’m used to leaving my friends behind during runs and it’s high time for you to raise the bar and for me to experience how it’s like to be left behind.”  Taaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Hahaha!!  Anyway a few minutes after the race started and I saw him already running at the other side when I still have to pass the 3K, 5K and 10K U-turn slots, I realized there’s no way I can  beat this guy.  LOL!  But tell me how it is possible?  His best record for a 42K is 4 hrs and 47 minutes (my eyes went like this, O_O) and he has participated in the Bataan Death March in which he ran straight for 17 hrs.  I DIE!!  ZOMG! He’s the one who continuously pushes me to join a full marathon (just the very thought of it makes me wince) saying my legs are still “virgin” until I experienced a 42K.  But then again, why would I want to de-virginize my legs?  Right?  LOL!!  And because too much exposure ka na, I should stop talking about you here.  Haha!!

So, the verdict?  I actually left my RFID but I took note of the time when I finished.  1hr 10 mins.  And I therefore conclude, this isn’t much of a difference if I changed my strategy from my previous run-fast and walk thing.  Haha!!  But atleast I am doing it properly this time, maybe at a slower pace but with an improved stamina-mina eh eh, waka waka eh eh. Hahaha!!

The race was set somewhere along Roxas Boulevard, assembly/ finish area was infront of Rajah Sulayman's statue.  So, who has childhood memories of bathing by the sea in Luneta????  Yaaaaaaay, that was some good 20 years ago...It's so unclean now. Tsk! :(

I seriously don't know what's up with those identical poses.  :))  My legs are hurting and I still need more sleep.  Off to dreamland. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

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