Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Shoe & Bag Combo

Aaah, the safest way to go for times in doubt.  A matching shoe and bag. :)  Look at how fashion icon Olivia Palermo did it with a floral Zara dress.

Don't you just love how green and purple worked for her?  She's the best! :P  I decided to take photos of the pairs I owned just to (1) remind me that I have these items as some of them were seldom worn lol! and (2) get my mind working on how to pair them up creatively.  Here are some of them I use in combo with usually a plain dress only.

#1 Them shoes and bags by plain colors. ;-)

I believe I already explained the sources of these items except for the yellow stilettos above, they're my second pair from Dumond.  It is a brand from Brazil that always intrigues me with the way they do their heels, you can observe it in their shops and whose price is so expensive I can only afford them when they go on sale. 70 off, anything higher is unacceptable.  LOL!

#2  Them shoes and bags in animal prints.  Zebra, snake, crocodile and of course my favorite Leopard/ Cheetah! :P

The shoes I'm gonna talk about is the leopard shoes, my 1st pair from Aerosoles.  They were again, on sale, and not too high I can bear it for long walks. :P

#3  Them shoes and bags in color combinations. :)

#4  Shoe and bag for special occasions..usually wedding :)

There.  But recently, one photo, just one photo of her, made me change my outlook on this rule I've so long adhered into:

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Oliiiviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course not that I break the said rule sometimes but it simply boggles my mind how she made everything work with the brights and the leopard shoes!  Ikaw na Olivia, Ikaw na!!!! :))


Tisha said...

I used to be strict about shoes and bags--the colors had to match exactly. But now I have fun mixing stuff up. Maybe because I see the Preview girls every day? Haha

CaseyCakes said...

yeah i think it is pretty inspiring to see the Preview girls everyday. Haha!!