Friday, July 22, 2011

Permed in Bajingafore!

Buh-bye straight hair....

Because every "maarte" girl goes through this stage.  Hahaha!  Them gays in the gym will for sure miss my hair flips in Body Jam. :))

I am currently blogging here in my very preggy friend's flat Xiela in Edgefield Plains, Punggol, Singapore, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy!!! Hahaha!  And since I'm not allowed to rinse my hair for two days (this is what they call tiis-ganda in Tagalog, haha!!) I don't feel like posting any of my photos yet. :-p  So, here's my Mumble as my representative. Mahaha!!

I just had a rough day with migraine attacking upon my arrival.  I was restless last night and had to wake up early to catch the bus going to Clarke, Pampanga.  Still groggy from the catch-up sleep on the bus, I made my way to the queue at the gate and submitted my items for inspection.  The only time I was jolted was when the lady guard talked to me on body inspection:

Guard: Nagpakulot ka? (Did you curl your hair?)
Me: Opo. (Yes)
Guard: Maganda! (It's nice!)

Okay, I take it as a compliment but what's funny is that she talked to me as though she have seen me in my straight hair days before and was impressed with the transformation.  LOL!

I smiled and put back my cats-eye sunnies, determined to do a zombie-walk to the check-in counter when I heard someone shouted:

Ate Rosay: ______________________!!!!!! (insert my most hated derivation of household nickname there, LOL!)

It was my cousin from Bataan.  I didn't know she was taking the same flight as mine.  Yikes!  We walked out of the airport for a while so I could see my other relatives who sent her to the airport since I haven't seen them for a while.  It was a pleasant surprise. :)

And half-way through waiting in the boarding area, I bumped into another college friend of mine in the toilet.  Yay!  We're also on the same flight.  Yay!  Ako na, ako na ang Miss Congeniality in the flight.  I, already!!  Hahaha!!

I don't have any specific itinerary for this trip, the GSS's coming to a close and I'm gonna scour whatever's left of it, LOL!  


Laly♡ said...

lol :) those perm things looked kinda dangerous xD

CaseyCakes said...

haha! So far no harm done with my hair. :))

rosalyn said...

wów ang cool!mtagal magpa perm?digital b yan?luv ur blog tlga.

CaseyCakes said...

hi rosalyn! salamat sa comment. Yup, digital perm. Inabot ako ng 5 hrs sa salon.:)

Anonymous said...

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