Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Single Diaries: Royal Wedding Blah

Everytime I’d hear updates on this “momentous” occasion on each and every channel in the tube, I can’t help but frown or raise an eyebrow.  The other night I was in the treadmill and I saw the program for Saturday (10am – arrival of prince/ family, 1030am arrival of bridal etc, etc.), I rolled my eyes so hard they almost didn’t resurface.  LOL, kidding!  But seriously, do I really wanna know all those details??

And everytime I’d make these facial reactions to myself, I also can’t help but ask myself, “Am I just being bitter?  I mean, given my current situation?”  Bitter to what?  About weddings? Of course not.  I bloody love weddings.  They’re such happy occasions.

I was very careful about voicing out this sentiment to my very own cyber thought bubble world.  I was quite hesitant that I might offend some followers who avidly follow the whole wedding cavalcade.  Not that I found one among the 76 persons (and still minimizing) I follow but as soon as one of them took the same pessimistic approach, minutes, nay seconds passed, and I was retweeting her post echoing the very same opinion.  Finally an ally, I thought to myself.  I mean, really what’s the fuzz all about?  She’s actually one of the fashion bloggers I follow and who I once featured in this site.  Taghrid, she’s quite strong-opinionated methinks. :-|  Coz really, while it’s mean-spirited not to rejoice about two persons who are about to enter that unknown euphoria of betrothal, it wouldn’t do the world so much favor if we go all through that unprecedented level of details. :-|  Who needs 'em anyways? 0_0

Looking at the other side:
The only way for me to understand these entire hullabaloo is to echo this line – “Every girl wants to marry a prince.”  But the thing is, I. SORT. OF. DO. NOT.  LOL!  I know that while some girls grew up to stories of fairytales and happy endings or even have fond memories of them in their mini princess gowns and tiaras when they were young whereas I played with my brother’s robots and rode bikes (not that I have any inclination of becoming a lesbian when I was young, no!).  So what exactly about being a princess does a girl want??  Of course I could understand the dressing part. *wink, wink* But do they mean our literal connotation of bing a “prinsesa” which is to live a sheltered life and not doing anything nor fending for yourself?  Coz I certainly don’t wanna be this type.  Or maybe be one of those with “royal blood”, get the respect of people and act for greater good.  But we can also achieve these even if we’re not a princess right?

Or is it the whole lavishly spent wedding preparations?  I can totally understand if some girls dream of big weddings for their own.  Ideally, this should be case if money is of no concern.  Of course, this is a once in a lifetime event.  And this royal wedding is what it is exactly offering to the people – the dream wedding.

The problem is, I don’t have wedding visions of my own (not even when I was with my ex-boyfriend).  In all fairness, while I was dating this guy, the answers came flashing to me sporadically.  A sudden vision of a wedding, a dream of getting having a kid or hearing a song in the radio that I thought could be used during our “gray hair” days – it was almost scary that these flashes of thought occur to me randomly during the span of time that I was going out with him making me think that he might just be the Proverbial “One”.  Apparently, I was wrong.  We didn’t even end up together and that’s THAT.  No, I’m not telling you who he is.  Haha!   And don’t ever think that he’s one of the foreign guys I went out with.  Sorry, I just had to prick your thought bubble.  Hahaha!!

So maybe there’s really something wrong with me.  (Sabi na nga ba, ako pa din sa huli eh.  Ako na, ako na!  Hahaha!!)  I ain’t sure if it’s abnormal not to have one but I practically grew up grounded and can be considered an independent woman.  I don’t even find myself comfortable with princess-like treatments from admirers or the likes.  And lastly, a woman visionless when it comes to her own wedding.  LOL!  Well, atleast I’m not someone who runs away from them.  I know a close friend whodunit three times!!  :P

Given with the situation above, please don’t think that I’ve given up on love.  So to end this, I’d like to stress that every girl can be a princess.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right prince that will treat her as one.  And maybe if I find mine someday, I can finally envision the right one that suits me.  Not just mere bursts of thoughts, but a full projection up to the very minute details.  ;)

So to Prince and Kate, here’s a toast to finding love.  Cheers! :)


Tisha said...

The royal wedding isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I gotta admit, I'm a follower. (My friends and I are even having a tea party while viewing it! Haha) I can understand how momentous it would be for the Brits--it gives them a sense of history, and no matter how they feel about the monarchy, for one day they're all united. Sort of like a Pacquiao fight.:D

Personally, I love the idea of a real-life prince--a prince! In this day and age!--finding his princess. It's just so far removed from us that it's...unreal. It's a world I'll never truly know or experience, so there's this intense curiosity. And I love the blare of trumpets and the pomp, the splendor to celebrate the union of two people. While not all weddings are as grand, in a bride's head (or at least in mine), that's what her wedding day is like--the whole world celebrating with you as you become someone's wife!

But hey, maybe I'm weird that way.:)

Anonymous said...

"I don’t even find myself comfortable with princess-like treatments from admirers or the likes."

That just made me laugh lol. Who are the new admires you speak of? You haven't blogged or messaged me via private message on facebook about them haha.

Your VERY curious cousin,


CaseyCakes said...

Hi Tish, saw the post in your blog. You're excitement is very much understandable and I think it was fun watching it with your friends. Haha!

Hey Wil, those are not new admirers. Those were from long ago. LOL!