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I don't know why I have to come up with such a title to state the gist of my SG trip.  Hence, SG Gist.  LOLs!! Anyways here it is very briefly:

#1 Chinese New Year
Tuesday night, all the telco techie guys were out for dinner at Labrador Seafood and I had the chance to witness how a Chinese tradition on celebrating New Year.  It's weird that I never heard of this practice among Chinese friends here in PH.  The yu sheng or raw fish salad looks like this when served.  It has the following key ingredients: raw fish, pepper, olive oil, carrots, green and white radish, peanut crumbs, sesame seeds, pomelo and deep fried flour crisp (according to a magazine I read in my SQ flight, lol!).  And on that note, can I just add that I missed SQ flights?  Been flying budget for quite some time now.  LOL!

yu sheng salad before
When the ingredients are complete, everybody stands up then tosses all the ingredients using our chopsticks.  It was crazy fun actually and you have to toss 'em high up for "prosperity".  ;-)  Afterwards, the salad looked like this.  And we have to eat it.  Hehe. :P

yu sheng salad after

#2  The Dates! :P

Okay, okay.  Both were unexpected in this trip, not planned at all.  So the first one sort of caught me off guard.  There I was packing my things when he came near me giving me strictly 10 mins to meet him in the hotel lobby.  It was all very cloak and dagger thingy, haha!  We went shopping for his favorite sports equipment at Orchard (if you've been reading my post from a travel way back you'll know who he is :P) and he introduced me as his girlfriend to the sales guy.  I think the sweetest part would have to be when he peeled off the prawns of my prawn mee one by one using soup spoons just because I was refusing to do it without a fork. :P  As per girlfriend consultations, he really likes me.  LOL!

We were together 'til 12 midnight shopping at the 24-hr open Mustafah mall just beside our hotel where I was able to buy my new pink gadget.  Ayeee!!  Aylavet! :D  I got it really really cheap, almost half the price here in PH!  This mall ain't really bad you know.  'Twas my second time there.  I just really have to have a guy company should I go there.

The second date happened on a Friday.  I'd really like to think of this as more of a friendly one.  *crossing fingers* Coz I just got this message from my FB when he learned I am in SG. Hmm, he's a schoolmate from college and we belong to the same org back then.  There was really no turning back when he announced he's already on the way to the hotel where I'm staying at.  We had dinner at Chili's (my favorite combo, haha!!) where we met a very friendly waiter who regaled us with stories about his Filipina girlfriend. ;-)

I think the best part of the night was walking up that path in Sentosa going to the Imbiah Lookout station where you'll see a giant Merlion.  I skipped this part last time I toured Sentosa with my friend Joy.  It was already past 10 when we finished dinner so the tourists have all gone.  The place is quite romantic lovely.  Trust a photography enthusiast to bring you to picturesque locations.  This photo below was taken using my digicam.  Not bad for night shot really I'm so loving it. :)

pathway to Imbiah lookout

#3  The Hotels

It's quite noteworthy that for this entire trip in SG, I stayed at three different hotels.  Haha!  (Although it didn't give me any new badge at Foursquare, lol!!)  The overseas staffs checked in at different hotel for the first three days.  But for Thursday and Friday, the whole company were checked in at Hard Rock Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa.  Yeah, baby!!  Haha!!  This was my room's view:

Hard Rock Hotel @ RWS
And for my last 2 days, me and my SG girls (yess naman, I have my Makati and SG girls lol!) were billeted at the very famous (and sumptuous if I may add) Marina Bay Sands!  If you remember that weird structure of three buildings with a giant boat up above them in my last SG visit, yep that's the one I'm talking about. :P  Before, the half-mermaid half-lion used to be the only subject for photography at Merlion park.  Until the MBS came. :P  Speaking of which, I wasn't able to do some photography (tsk, tsk).  The Indonesians went out on Sunday night to shoot which of course I wasn't able to join since I arrived early morning of Monday.  Nevertheless, I have my fashion mirror shots to make up for that.  Hahaha!!

It was just a pretty bad timing since it had been raining in SG for the last days and we were not able to "fully" enjoy the amenities of the infinity pool and jacuzzi up there in the boat structure on the 54th!

visitor's observation area at MBS

If you pay for entrance at the Skypark, you can only take pics from this area.  But of course this is what we paid for:
me and Singapore skyline :P

Overall, we had a swell time at MBS! :D  I'll detail it in the succeeding posts. :)  Also, a feature on Hard Rock Hotel at RWS! 

#4  Food

I was able to catch up on all my favorite foods in SG!  Ban Mian, Prawn Mee, Mee Hoon Kuay, Pepper Crab, YUM!  And the buffets, oh my goodness!  I gained weight! :P  My Thai colleague brought some desserts during Monday for us to snack on while my Indo colleague Citra remembered my favorite coffee at Jakarta (Tora Bika) and gave me a pack.  So sweet. :D
what I ate in SG :P

Uhmm, I'll skip on the shopping bit first. :))  Oh boy, this trip was really tiresome. :))  But somehow it left an impression to me that for such a small country, you'll never run out of things to do in SG!  LOL!

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