Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sequins on Sequins :)

Don't you just love how Anne Hathaway sparkled at the Golden Globes???

Actually, even before the Golden Globes, I already thought of showcasing these sequined dresses of mine for some weekend happening here in SG.  I've had these dresses for as long as I can remember and was thinking of putting them into good use.  LOL!

As usual, I apologize for the poor photography.  This is a very cheap dress I got from Tomato I think sometime Dec of 2009.  Haha!

I decided to pair it up with another sequined floral top from Forever21 I got sometime June last year.  Yay!  Both of them I haven't worn yet.  :P

And to make things fun, look at what I packed with me. It's a clutch bag on sale from Accessories back in PH. :)

Sooo cute, I'll use it for my cousin's wedding sometime June. :P  And some more sequined thingies I got back in HK during the weekend.  Some cheap 10 HKD eye masks from H&M.  Aww so sad they don't have anymore their Lanvin collection dresses. :(

Hmmm, what if I wear them all altogether??? Hahaha!!!

Looking forward to wearing them finally! :))


Tisha said...

The Lanvin stuff in H&M NY were over $200, so OK na rin na wala sa HK. Hehe

CaseyCakes said...

really? also my HK colleague told me they were sold like hotcakes din really no chance for me.. :P