Monday, January 24, 2011

Family Postcard

Awww...currently blogging here in SG while my family is still back in HK. :(

Well, have no choice.  I have to cut the vacay short as work beckons. :-|

Weird that I was also in Ocean Park at this same time last year with now an insignifcant person and that I didn't have any reminiscing moments.  I think that's good noh??  Whatever trace left is there in my brain cells were already supplanted with memories with my family! :)  We're still incomplete though as Lem had to shoot for a new movie (eeeepp!!) and Pops is basically tired from globetrotting because of his previous work in the ship so both of them are not present. :P  Anyway, I'll try to work on the completeness in the next time. ;-)

Can I just say I'm so proud of myself on how I became the tour guide for my family in HK?  Really, I'll tell you all about it on the travelogue.  For now gotta catch some ZZzzzsss.

Night everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

lol, i can't believe we were so close in location in hk.. i got in i think on sat afternoon after a 6 days in macau, and china.

too bad.. next year na lang :D


btw are your braces gone?

CaseyCakes said...

hay nako Wil, i hate you!! if i only had so much time, i'll look for you in the streets of tsim sha tsoi..hahhaa!!!

nope, braces r still here..thanks to my persian fling/orthodontist, he said i need to retain it for 3 more!!!

Anonymous said...

your dentist is your fling at the gym?!?! lol.. or is that two people you're talking about?