Tuesday, December 14, 2010

34th Milo Marathon

True to my word, my fun run diary for 2010 was punctuated with a 10K dash last Sunday for the 34th Milo marathon held in Roxas Boulevard Manila. Unlike any other runs I participated this year where I relied on others to register for me, I personally went to Greenhills to register myself and my “kaladkarin” friends Joan and Randolph. 

Yes I was all set on this one. Not even the requirement of a 300g Milo wrapper during registration (which I didn’t have then) would stop me. I went to the supermarket, bought the required and re-packed them into sealed plastic bags. Ha!

I’ve been preparing my body for this one too. For the last two weeks I’ve been running for atleast 15 minutes in the treadmill whenever I’m in the gym in order to condition my body. I was never a fan of treadmill eversince but somehow I’ve come to appreciate that thingy during my preps. We’re this close now. Haha!!

And for the actual run, I thought that music would really help me a lot! I was all set to finish it in an hour but bearing in mind that this is my first time, I allowed myself to lax a bit and provide a range from 60 to 75 minutes. And for this, I really bought my űber-chic Sony Walkman. It’s ♥♥♥. :)

For the tracklist, I got this tip from another friend that something about the drum beats of his songs keeps him going. So I really put thought into what I put in my list. Initially I wanted it to be strictly upbeat songs only, but then there has got to be some warm-up and perhaps some slowdown songs after reaching atleast half of the race. There were some Black-Eyed Peas (Pump It) or The Ting Ting’s Shut Up and Let Me Go (can you imagine the drumbeat on this one, it’s sooo fitting!!) and I have to say that most of the songs were inspired from tracks that I dance to or work-out to in the gym. I was thinking if I remember the effort I put in everytime I hear them in the group exercise, it will give me enough boost to continue to run. :P And currently I’m loving the song, Ravers in the UK. :)

So, the day before the run everything was set. I went on my Saturday punishment routine at the gym so that I can have a good rest during the night. The only thing is, I WASN’T ABLE TO SLEEP. :( I don’t understand it, I went out of the gym so tired I almost want to crawl but in my bed I was wide-awake! XD And when I said, “walang tulog”, I really meant not even a minute, nay seconds of sleep! Every 30 mins I would try to change position, read a book, transfer bed but none of them would work. Sad. At around 3 AM, I gave up trying and just had my breakfast. Around 515, Randolph dropped by the house and picked me up. 530 AM, we met Joan in the venue.

I was sooooo looking forward to running that Buendia flyover!  That was my first time but by the time I reached there, I was soo tired already I had to walk.  :P  Must be the lack of sleep.  Of course we all know it takes greater effort if you run in an altitude.  So I make up for it on the way downwards, hehe.  You think with lack of sleep I would make it?? Mind you, the thought of asking help from a motorcycle with staffs in it monitoring the runners already crossed my mind.  LOL!!  I thought I'd ask them to just take me along, pretend an emergency and get off the race.  Haha!!  But I persisted, it must be the free Gatorade provided along the way, lol!!

The official result isn't out yet.  But the time in the finish line when I looked up is 1:07:something.  I was 7 mins short on my goal!  But I believe it isn't a bad record to begin a 10K with.  And they write down the finishers for the female and I saw myself at the 26th place again! :)  Now I'm eager to know the entire statistics.  I believe there wasn't that many 10K runners.

Joan, Randolph and Me

Randolph still has that competitive juice, of course his first question asked was what was my time. LOL! I was 5 mins ahead of him, harharhar!! Don't worry Dolphy, your bangs is longer than mine. Hahaha!! Oh and Joan would like me to blog that we didn't receive our medals! According to the emcee, we are to receive medals if we finish before 1 hr and 30 mins and we all did. Hmpf. XD

I noticed some blood stain in my socks only during the night. Errr, I think one thing I learned from this 10K is to keep my toes' nails short during the run. :P

And maybe some sleeping pills on the next????  LOL!!!


Tisha said...

If you worked out during the night, it might have something to do with your not being able to sleep. I used to have that problem when I'd work out after work. (And I don't have that problem anymore coz I hardly get to work out now. Boo.)

CaseyCakes said...

yeah I think that's a factor and maybe the milk tea i drank before i slept. :(