Friday, October 02, 2009

Lotsa 'Splainin :D

You thought I was in love?


This early, I already wanna apologize for anyone who felt I violated their favorite classic song. So sorry, hahaha!!!

And since I was so bold putting that out, I might as well explain the whole thing. LOL! I was drunk! Nah, just had a frappe before that. (Excuses! LOL!) And I was just so set to try that recording function of the karaoke machine. :P You can just imagine the setting when I recorded that, most of our neighbors don't have electricity and there I was turning on the machine for them to hear. (Minsan gusto ko lang talagang mang-inggit! Salbahe! LOL!) But don’t I get credits for the moviemaker?? LOL! Back then I had problems. Imeem won’t work as embedding in a post, only as a widget so I had to find means to upload the song.

Aah, youtube. Then with a shudder yesterday I remembered how many people (who are actually not readers of my blog) are subscribed to my account because of the Princess Hours videos I made years ago. Apparently, they were so fond of them some even emailed me on how to do those. Yay! So a while ago I temporarily disabled the first video, recorded the same song again and here it is below in Imeem. LOL!

Actually if I was being vindictive, I’d like to lash out on that classmate of mine and tell him, “Ano kala mo ikaw lang makakagawa nyan?” Hahaha!! Did you know that until now he still hasn’t replied on my query?? UNTIL NOW! So I decided to just delete the comment with my praises. :P Too bad I still listen to his songs and he really has a good voice with that kulot thingy. Me even thinks that his recording means is better than mine. Damn! HOW?? Has he got a studio?? Haha!!

And now for the real reason. Oh gosh, wedding singer. How can I resist a friend?? (a) Tell her I blubber during wedding I might not finish a song at all? (b) Show to her the comments in my youtube account with violent comments? Not that there are any. Sigh. It would be really a good gift, considering she can pretty much have everything. So, have to practice. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement Kev. LOL!

And if you want my White Chicks rendition of "A Thousand Miles", you can click here. LOL!

Gosh, I'm no different to those media whores in youtube that I've come to disgust before. LOL!


Nivek said...

KC, I think your singing is good.

Anonymous said...

thank you ^^

shall I sing for ur wedding?? hahaha!!!