Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It Happened Again!

Whoever was thinking of me Saturday night was solely responsible for what happened. Yup, he’s totally responsible for that. Haha! So talagang merong nag-iisip daw??? Haha!!

What happened was I WAS ALMOST NOT ADMITTED. AGAIN!!! Tsk! Er, hello? Arriving at the airport 50 mins before your flight???? I’m such a pasaway! You’d think that having experienced this before would give you the confidence that they will let you in. But NO! When the guy said, “Sorry Ma’am we can’t let you in.”, I had flashbacks of what happened in Incheon airport about 2 years ago when I checked-in 15 mins before my flight. Scary! I argued that I already checked-in online and that I already reserved a seat but it turns out, they’re still pretty strict about the 1 hour arrival before your flight for internet check-in. :P But when the other girl made a call again, yes they did allow me to board and I was hoping that same as before they would upgrade me to first class, but no such luck! :P :P :P

Howell. The silent prayer before I entered the airport really helped. Whew! That was again a close shave! What I learned was that having been haunted by insomnia and wide awake at 4 AM on a Sunday morning, I really didn’t have to squeeze in a little hair trim, a manicure and a pedicure and videoke (but this was done while my nails are being done in our home, I just thought I’m going to miss singing while I’m away haha! :P) when you already woke up around 9 AM and your flight is just six and a half hour away!!! What was I thinking going to SG to meet a boyfriend???? Hahaha!!! And look at the repercussions. One of my nail’s coats was already damaged when I was hurrying up to close my trolley and as for my hair, well yeah it looked fab yesterday but now is giving me a hard time styling up in the morning coz it flies away in the ends. Phhhbbbbttttt!!! So much for vanity!!!!

Okay enough of that. I would just like to mention about the videoke coz I discovered something in our machine and I’m so excited about it that’s why I was testing it before I left, I’m going to make it a mini project of mine come September!!!! Weeeee!!!!! But I’m going to keep hush hush for now!! Weeee!!!! =)

I really enjoyed my flight because of some realizations. Not because of the service, food or anything although SQ will always be a best experience, but because of what I saw while on board. Since we’re talking about music, I was so much delighted to see Gaga’s concert being shown on one channel. I realized that all the wanting for loud accessories or screaming statements that I mentioned in my last post aren’t inspired by no other person but HER! She’s slowly becoming my icon! Yay! Haha!

Lately also, I am loving this girl Taylor Swift and I’ve been hunting for her videos in Youtube. I’m dazzled by her beauty and character. So while I was watching Hannah Montana aboard, I was so happy to see her cameo role. :) And I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but I love Hannah Montana! Yikes!

I’m a hater of Miley Cyrus ever since I saw her provocative shots on the web. Do I even have to voice out that they’re not totally inappropriate for her age?? Anyways, there was just something about her character in the movie that made me (well not totally change my mind) but doubt if I was really misjudging her. Not that having a good impression of me about her would change the world, haha! Well let’s just say that I finally understood why a lot of kids and adults like her. There’s just something about Hannah Montana that would make you love her. Enough even for big people in Hollywood to defend her topless shots for a magazine!

Then again, Miley is different from Hannah. But something in me is wishing that she keeps herself grounded and her fame doesn’t turn her into a train wreck someday. So yeah I still can’t believe I just said that. :P Just like how I can’t believe that I my eyes are pooling with tears by the time she was already singing The Climb in the movie and resolving to rent and watch it again since I wasn’t able to start and end the movie. Yay! :P

Sorry if you were expecting some profound realizations. :P

So yeah, everything’s good here. Especially hearing the news that there’s already a schedule of return here in the next months. :) And I’m loving my room. I can live in a hotel like this forever! :P

Next post is all ready. Can't wait. :D


Nivek said...

Hannah Montana? Really?

Nice pic on the bed.

Anonymous said...

thanks Kev! yup, seriously! Hannah Montana! :P