Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hair Talk

For the maxi dress, I really wanted to style my hair up ala Audrey’s locks in Tayong Dalawa. Haha!! Ilusyonada! :P

I really like it! Ala-mermaid. :P So what I thought of in order to achieve this is buy….hair extensions!!! Haha!! Last week when I went canvassing for that item, I was shell-shocked to learn that there are no readily made extensions like that. You have to purchase part by part of a regular straight long hair (which you would have to curl yourself) and I would need 6 all in all to cover my entire head. Total cost would be about a whopping 3k. WHOA!! Haha!!

The gay sales(lady or men?? Haha!!) in the store were similarly shocked with my inquiry.

“Ate, bat mo pa kailangan nyan eh ang ganda na ng hair mo?”

Which is surprising to hear because you know, you simply don’t discourage customers not to buy your items right?? Have I said it?? I love ‘em gays. :P There was even one in the gym who asked if it’s real?? Please stop it, it's making me blush. Haha!!

Honestly I don’t know what they see in it, it’s probably the thickness. Which brings me to the very point of buying extensions. You see if I curl my hair for a very early occasion, I would need to allocate atleast one and a half hour to achieve what I want using my P100 worth of low class curlers I got in DV. :P It’s the very same one that failed me during the cruise (haha!!) but I figured I’ve got to give it a shot first before buying a new one and absolutely felt a satisfaction when it worked. But then came the actual day and the result was nothing like the night before! Haha!! Guess what happened! I guess 530 AM wasn’t early enough. * sigh *

Actually I’m quite torn as to what to do with my hair. I mean yes I do love curling it up but then I also wonder if I’ll look good in Mariel’s/Angelica’s short bob. I envy how they look gorgeous in those shorter lengths. But then again, celebs like them WILL always look fab in whatever’s festooned in their head right??

I remember this one guy from my previous company. He pointed out to me that it’s not good for tall girls to have that too long hair. Not that I fancy him or what, but he just has this amazing intuition when it comes to girls, love, relationships etc that hearing him say that makes me just somehow consider it. Well, looking back, you see I had this notion that the only common thing about all these years of being single is having this long mane. Seriously, I changed companies, joined clubs, found new hobbies and everything! It’s still the same! Sisihin daw ba ang buhok??? Hahaha!! Sometimes I just think too much noh?? Hahaha!!!

But the only drawback of having short hair is not being able to style it up in many ways. Ha! Look who’s talking! Someone who worries too much that her hair will get damaged if she styles it up every so often. I mean, how often do I glam it up?? Once in a blue moon! :P And this is the exact moment where I wish that I’m a celebrity with a personal hair care and stylist so I can go out matching hairs with my dress. Haha!!

Honestly with this intense of summer heat in Phils, a big congratulations already to me for maintaining this length. I already knew a girl who’s had her waist-length, repeat waist-length hair, trimmed to just above the shoulders for this season. Brave girl! Bravo! Clap, clap, clap!! Me. Not. :P

As for me, I’m still loving the feel of it in my arms whenever I face the mirror at night and comb it one hundred times, one hundred times…Hahaha!! Kiddin’. I don’t do that. My tita offered up the idea of having it really curled up permanently in a salon! But that would be so high maintenance what with the solutions to apply and everything. Unlike other girls who make some nasty trips to their hair when they broke up with their boyfriends or something, I intend to do it when I finally found the next bf. But the question remains, cuando cuando cuando?????



Anonymous said...

the styles you posted are too young for my taste.. you shouldtry something a little more modern and chic...


Anonymous said...

hahaha!! but this is what's "in" in the phils now...:P