Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jumping Into the Plaid/ Checks Bandwagon

But before I give you that, allow me to share pics when our long lost relatives from Bataan paid a visit in our house last Sunday. Thanks to the long vacation!! :)

Well, it seems that not only us got a visit but Choi Choi too!! My cousin Kuya Rey brought along their new baby, a 5-month Shih Tzu Akiko. Cute!! Haha!!

That's when we found out that our loveable pet is "torpe" when it comes to girls. Hahaha!! :D And that Akiko is actually the "aggressive" type came out as a surprise. Wahaha!! :))

Anyways, formal wear on a Sunday:

I wore it with specs coz wala lang, I just feel ugly. :P I've lots of break-outs!! And we're not talking about minor zits here, more like angry redness of pimples everywhere!! X-D I cry to every sad songs I here in the radio and I also have LOOOOOOTS of bruises. So dear girl thing, or whatever it is that my body keeps on delaying, please come now. I don't care if you give me whole day pain whatever, just come please!! And don't ruin my weekend swimming and more especially my CRUISE!! Thanks in advance!

So here's a pic of me with the perfect caption: Ugly Without Even Trying!! LOL!!

I wish everyone was safe from last night! :)


Anonymous said...

i can't believe you blogged about wanting your period.. wtflol...

btw I dare you to make that pic your facebook profile. :D


Anonymous said...

hahaha!! coz i swear the last time i talked about it here, it came!! LOL!!

hahaha!!! hmm, in exchange of ur SLR??? Wahaha!!!

-Case (haha!! maiba naman :P)

Anonymous said...

oh shiz, I do remember that, and I think I was the one who made a comment to..
What's more insane.. you talking about your period without talking about your period.. or me knowing wtf you're talking about, without actually knowing wtf you're talking about.. lol.

Wiljun. (maiba din.. pinoy name ko)
I'm getting an urge to upgrade again even thought I just bought something 5 days ago... :D
btw I just bought a blackberry phone when I promised myself not to spend any money for the next 3 months. :(