Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fantastic Willpower

Or lack thereof. Haha. Thanks Wil for that. :P Err, I meant my opening clause and not the thing here. Hehe.

Ladies and gents, my newest baby. Joining my family of hot pink Podie and V3X and pink rose Kodak V803 is my MSI Y2P-S262 in Marguerite Rose. Isn’t she lovely?? Haha!!

If you would recall the last time I blogged about buying something like this was when I bought my iPod a year and 5 months ago. So it must’ve really been a fantastic willpower of holding up for that long. :P I just kept on telling myself that I have the company provided one. But this one has got a better price and I’ve friends who’ve been using theirs for more than a year now so I think this will do. Blogging is definitely better with her around. Hihi. ;)

If you are a keen observer, two more gadget accessories had to be pink as well (haha!!) – the storage card and the mouse. Hehe. And other items in the pic that reflects my personality:

- tweety collector (that's just some of them ;)
- narcissist as represented by my photographs, haha
- pack rat (a collector of just about anything, hehe – perfumes, butterfly stuffs, travel souvenirs, pink gadgets)
- award-winning employee (nyahaha :P)

Speaking of collections, she would be the reason why the pink PSP will have to be on hold for now. UNLESS, some of my richie rich friends out there (yoohoo!!) will uhmm exchange the chokies and perfumes for their pasalubong to me. Haha.

But the most important is the thing that started this all. Like I told you, this all began because of this:

Sigh. Cuando, cuando, cuando????


Anonymous said...

So you bought a new laptop eh? Congrats.

My bank is doing a promotion right now, if you sign up for the VIP package (unlimited banking), you get a free Eee PC Asus laptop.. So obviously I signed up for the free PC, which also included a free, a $120.00 annual fee Platinum Avion VISA card that just gave me 15K bonus airmiles, which is enough to fly to NYC for FREE..
YES YES YES FREE it is. I've been scrounging the net for free things.


btw are those pig tails in your grad pic? HEHEHE


Anonymous said...


btw, that's an awesome deal!!! laptop and visa with miles..why dont they offer something like that here??? hahahaha...

YES..MUST CONTROL..THINK FANTASTIC WILLPOWER..HAHAH..- good luck on that..knowing you???? uhmmmm....

aaargh, i forgot to say in the post that im not proud of my grad pic..not at all..hahahaha


Anonymous said...

oh ya, before I forget to ask...
Why do you have pictures of yourself on your desk lol... It should be pics of your friends, parents, brothers etc.. HEHEH.


Anonymous said...

oh that desk actually is for my pics..those with my friends and family in it are posted somewhere in my huge vanity mirror in the room..hahaha...

y? is that really odd???

Anonymous said...

it's not only odd, but vain as well lol.. I understand the grad pic, but the rest? lol..