Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And More Blah


Sleep evading me one night, I got up from my bed and tried to do something productive. The last time I remember this happened, I was able to come up with something fruitful. I filtered my closet and came up with items for a garage sale. Only this time, I was disappointed with the result coz as I was fixing my things, I found my hot pink Moto V3X in my desk. It hasn’t been used for more than a year now and although I’m a loyal Samsung user, I have no plans of selling it. I charged it up to have a quick check of its performance; I inserted a spare SIM card – one of the many ones I use for work.

Surprisingly, the phone still has its stored messages – about a hundred plus of ‘em. Oh goody, probably inspiring quotes that I refused to delete – I thought. Funny how before I used to complain when I don’t receive any message from anyone in a day when now, 2-3 days without a text has just made my life so UTTERLY simple. It has become so normal that there are times when I get pissed whenever I receive forwarded quotes from my contacts who are probably registered to the “unli” texts. It’s become so taxing receiving these quotes that I have probably received 4 or 5 years ago, right?? So sometimes they go straight to the bin. Bad, wehehe. Anyways, I started trawling through each message and although the source indicates only a number and no name (since it’s a different SIM) more or less I had an idea on who were they from. The first half of the messages was fine, really. There were some inspirational quotes from my previous boss, funny ones from friends and the usual morning and night greetings from my Titas. Until I reached those textual conversations and OMG, I couldn’t believe I was reading that from Guy #3 on the Reyna ng Sablay post. Oh how I hate my retentive memory. Hi, can I drop by your house to say hi??; just stay at home so you won’t meet other guys; etc) Those sweet nothings from him just when we were starting to get to know each other. God, I still can’t believe that he’d morphed into the guy that he is now. Sad, sad. Next on the messages were texts from this guy (I Remember the Boy post). Yeah, the Am-boy who’s aged 2 years younger than me. I hate it how he used to come back to me when he’s unattached you know. Sometimes, men can be so damn INSENSITIVE!! Coming to you because they know you're always available. There were also texts from my ex that made me chuckle. It’s so funny how a year ago (we're separated for about 3 years then) but still quarrel like kids over some petty matters. Haha!! Take this: Last text ko na to sayo (my full name), advanced happy bday na lang sa September. I still smile at the thought knowing that we’re sooooo okay now. But lastly, there’s this text from Guy #1 (still from the Reyna ng Sablay post).

“Me too. I thot I can 4get u wen I had my ex. But ftr we broke up its stil u im lukin 4. Im rily hapy 2 cu again n hav d communication we use 2hav b4.”

Waaaaaaaaaahhh!!! It’s the one and only – Mr. Bomalabs. If you’ve seen his previous message, you’ll probably hate me for US being in this state since time immemorial. Sigh, what was I thinking?? Stil u im lukin 4, my bum!! Just when I’m trying to move on and forget all about these, life has its way of presenting it back to you. Life is such a bastard, haha!! I kid. Ű Of course I know it’s bad to dwell on negative things. Instead, it’s better to count my blessings. The past few months, I may have had 3 different mishaps on men BUT, I also gained 3 girlfriends. ŰŰŰ I’ve become closer to Chek, Angela and Joy.


Chek as y’all know is my younger brother’s gf. One sweet girl with a face and body to die for!! We met for a couple of times now and it’s true what she said in one of my comments in Friendster that whenever we’re together, she acts as though she’s the elder sister, haha!! She’s very thoughtful in my current situation and always asks me out for a massage or a shopping, whatever. Ű

The rest of the two gals are my officemates, co-engineers also. I’ve been opening up to then lately on some work issues but who would’ve thought that they would turn out to be my shopping buddies as well?? Haha!! You’ll often see the three of us skipping our lunch and in Greenhills doing a round-up of the current trends and ogling on nice dresses, shoes and other fab finds. :D So who needs a guy when I’ve got loads of friends right?? Please play that Spice Girls song in the background, Love Thing: Now don’t go wasting my time, you’re not the only thing I’ve got on my mind, My friends are with me when you ain’t been around. Yeah that’s the spirit!! :D

But then again bonding with them made me realize one thing: that is to be thankful that I’m unattached right now. I’m not gonna tell you who’s who but both of them have problems in their current relationship. One of them, at the tender age of 23, is already being pressured by the bf and the guy’s parents as well to get married ASAP. It may be a 6-yr long steady relationship, but 23 is still a young age for me and there’s still so much to enjoy. She shares the same sentiments as well. The other one has an 8-yr long relationship but is living on a ROUTINE everyday (e-card sending in the morning and monthly gifts) and what’s worse is that the guy is very insecure and imposes Martial Law-like rules
(i.e. no one of us to be heard in the background during a call – EVEN GIRLS!!). Believe me, that’s just one of them. Hay, ang hirap talaga maging maganda!! Wahaha!!!


Lastly I just want to share this higher level of acceptance of mine. I know that as a single, I have to accept doing things on my own but even I had limits. Shopping alone is okay – some girls naturally do it. Eating or dining alone is okay – at times it becomes part of shopping alone. But before there were two things that I’m really reserving doing with someone special – or atleast with friends: trying a new restaurant and watching a movie.

May 31: My first dine-in at Old Spag House in Robinsons Galleria
June 10: My first movie alone, Kung Fu Panda

I can see that pure, unadulterated pity in my friends’ eyes whenever I tell them the story. Please, I don’t deserve it. That same day June 10, I made a quick clean-up of my wallet and I counted the accumulated free movie passes given to us by the company. There are about 14 of them wasted just because I was depending on other people’s availability. I realized I’m being more of a masochist if I pass up on these things because I have no one joining me. Btw, it was fun! :D It has almost got me rolling on the floor laughing. Haha!! But then again, I have to be choosy on the films I’m going for since I don’t want to emerge out of the cinema with tears pooling in my eyes. LOL.

I should’ve done this a long time ago. I was just using the lame excuse of “it’s unsafe for a girl like me” all the while. Nag-eemote na lang ako. Of course, Promenade is a safe place. The last movie I was watching next to a celebrity couple. Yeah, it's safe for famouses like US. Wahaha. Joke. Now I blame myself for the great movies I missed. Anyways, now I can watch at least 2 new flicks per week. How’s that for a change??

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